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Liberty on Trial, Pete Eyre and Adam Freeman in Greenfield, MA Today.

Written by Subject: Justice and Judges
Five months ago, after another productive day hammering-out Liberty On Tour logistics (this time from the lone ‘bucks in Manch-Vegas) Ademo Freeman and I packed our gear, climbed into MARV and drove to Greenfield, MA* to bail out Keene-based friends and activists Rich Paul, Mark Capuzzo & Jackie Lemieux.

We’re amateur video documentaries. We record everything and this quick errand to MA was no different. We entered the Franklin County Jail lobby, approached the counter, explained that we wanted to bail out a friend, were told that we couldn’t film, had a conversation**, were told that we could film, returned 15min later with bail money and then were told that we no longer had the “right” to film.

We expressed our desire to complete the bail-out process and continued to document the arbitrary and flagrant abuse of claimed authority by those who wearing badges. Soon, handcuffs were roughly applied***, we went limp and stated that though we would not actively resist, we would not assist them in their actions and we were carried to separate squad cars. We were ordered to comply, to walk, to speak, to roll our pinky finger in the correct rectangular box on the cardstock fingerprint ID card. Throughout the entire process we asked pointed questions that we hoped would resonate and cause those mistreating us to realize that it’s never right to use aggressive force****.
Ethan Lee Vita the liberty on tour hitchhiker has meet up with Adam and Pete and will be tweeting updates from his phone.!/EthanLeeVita

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