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Officer Dorman Phoenix Police Epic Fail

Written by Subject: Law Enforcers or Peace Officers
Morpheus and Ryan head to the 11th Ave overpass over the I-10 freeway to do some freeway blogging with their sign 9/11 was an inside job. The Sign is 8 feet tall and 20 feet long. As they get done they get confronted by officer Barney Fife!

Actually they get a chance to interact with Officer Dorman one of Phoenix's Finest. I have to ask Officer Dorman 3 times is the interaction Voluntary. He seems confused by my questions. He then thinks at point blank range that somehow my canon video camera is something other than a video camera.

He accuses me of being rude. How is asking a question being rude? perhaps had I gotten on my knees to shine his shoes that would have been acceptable.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Just curious. Has Wikileaks hacked all the names and addresses and phone numbers and SSNs, etc, of all the judges and law enforcement people in the country, yet? If they have, what's the website?

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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"Don't Talk to Cops" has been the best advise of all Criminal Defense Attorneys that I have met. Morpheus' interaction was a great training tool for those with the self confidence and experience. BUUUUUUT, you had better have a video camera and a video camera video taping the guy with the video camera for lots of video documentation.

The days of just having a pleasant conversation with representatives of the state are gone. The most I can hope for now is to do my best to make sure that the line officers are not fearful for their safety,... and often times the best way is to just not engage them if at all possible and to make sure that they know how they will be viewed and the level of interaction we'll have if we do have an interaction.



Comment by Hawkeye
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What is wrong with that Cops mouth? I hope he dosn`t kiss his children,and,or,wife.

This lame cops is just more proof of the kind of people they Police Academy recruits to protect you.

Comment by Brock
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Yeah, Morpheus, what Cool Fool said.  If you'da been nicer off the bat, maybe you'da gotten a kiss.

Imagine that tobacco juice dribbling down your chin after a full-on mouth kiss.

Comment by Cool Fool
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While I have no love for the "uneducated" police myself and while I do believe in exercising ones 1st amendment rights, I have to say that had you handled the interaction with the officer in a more cordial manner and not acted like a dick to him right off the bat, he perhaps would have been a whole lot more friendly and less defensive himself. You set a tone of defensiveness before he could even say hello which naturally put him on the defensive as well. He had no idea that you were or were not breaking city ordinance when he recieved the call and a simple question was all he needed to ask to confirm and then go on his merry way and leave you alone..