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The "" project - trade using sound money for a sound future

Written by Subject: Wallet Voting mission statement:
Create an internet tool that will facilitate trade using physical and/or digital sound money currencies. The goal is to create an "ebay" or "craigslist" for sound money trading. There are many forms of sound money currency in use: e-gold, e-bullion, AOCS, KBGold, GoldMoney, liberty dollar, gold bullion, silver bullion, and u.s. minted lawful money. All these are valuable commodities that can be used as money. The goal for is to provide the tools necessary for like minded people to trade using any of these currencies.
Post ads, with text and images describing the items you have for sale. Specify the currency and price in that currency that you are accepting. Viewers can then view and search based on their search criteria, their local area, a category, and the currency they are interested in using. See the screen shot below and come visit the website, and provide feedback.  
We will be adding many new features in the weeks and months to come, so please revisit frequently.


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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Yep... I fixed them. Thanks for the headsup

Comment by Donna Hancock
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Both links are working.

Comment by Happy Landings
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Link to website don't work.