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British Foreign Policy in American History (Part 1)

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A Clarion Call to Refit the Ship of State by historian Stephen Mark Alvis

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British Foreign Policy in American History (Part 1)
Gasp at British plans for America’s collapse and rupture‚ Grimace at British control of America’s national bank.
Laugh at their attempt to erect the Texas Barrier across the continent.
Snicker at their thwarted grab at California.
Discover why they opposed the American System.
Smolder at British implication in the Civil War
Seethe at British complicity in Lincoln’s assassination
See how British imperialism in South America killed another president
Saturday, February 5, 2011, 2:00-5:00 PM1920 W. Peoria Ave., Phoenix, Arizona Donation per Lecture:

$10.00; Students $2.50
[No one turned away.]
Copyright © Stephen Mark Alvis, 2010
You will acquire greater knowledge of the Republic’s principles.