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RESTORE THE REPUBLIC British Foreign Policy in American History Part 2: Feigning Friendship

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A Clarion Call to Refit the Ship of


by historian Stephen Mark Alvis

The 6th exciting adventure: British Foreign

Policy in American History (Part 2: Feigning Friendship)

. Thrill at America’s sail-billowing, wave-skimming

Clipper Ship rivalry with Britain.

. Seethe at British complicity in Lincoln’s assassination.

. Learn how to curtail the suicidal policy destroying

American industry.

. See how British imperialism in South America

killed another president.

. Watch how patriots cleverly unveiled the British

agent in the White House.

. Witness another Free Trade assassination.

. Agonize as Britain pushes America into World War I.

. Grow wise to the conspirators directing two foreign policies.

Saturday, February 12, 2011, 2:00-5:00 PM

1920 W. Peoria Ave., Phoenix, Arizona

Donation per Lecture:

$10.00; Students $2.50

[No one turned away.]

Copyright © Stephen Mark Alvis, 2010