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Goldwater Institute promotes 4th amendment killing Fusion Centers

Written by Subject: Police State
States have same power as Congress to propose amendments to the Constitution
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"Alternative Policing: Public police,
policymakers, and political leaders
should look to civilianization,
outsourcing, privatization, managed
competition, and regionalization to
maximize use of available resources
and to improve policing services,
with appropriate caveats."
(i.e Fusion Centers,... in one form or another and cash for the connected "security corporations")


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 This is shyte.  The only way a state can do this is via a call for a constitutional convention.

The problem is, once the convention has been called, any given state making a call cannot control the direction the convention goes in.  In other words, regardless of the INTENT of the state(s) making the call, invariably something unexpected (such as a new constitution or a new form of government) will come out of the convention, as the convention is the highest legislative authority of the land, once called, higher indeed than the constitution itself, or the executive, legislative or judicial branches operating under the constitution that is being rewritten in-convention.


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