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R3VOLUTION BLIMP'S for tea-o-con fun!

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
The Tea party event going on at the convention center is about to get inflated!!! With the help of John Wilson we dropped off a helium tank at the C4L booth this afternoon. Tomorrow morning as you come in to the convention center make sure you stop by the booth and grab a blimp or two to take them in to Ron Paul's speech in the main room.

It plays like a master card commercial.

Helium tank rental 100$

Ron Paul revolution Blips, 1$ each

getting a Ron Paul R3VOLUTION blip on the live video webcast of the National Tea Party Summit....

Priceless. :)

I happily spent 100$ on a tank, nozzle, and dollie from a party supply store. Anyone willing to donate 10$ or more to my efforts today will get a END THE FED silver dime card for free. I will be selling them at the convention as well. lets get this Revolution started! Chip in!

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Comment by Jefferson Paine
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Nice -- but I want a video of your $1 blimp in action!