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TONIGHT - Republic For Arizona Presents: Clyde Cleveland - Tuesday, March 1st

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The Republic for Arizona  ( ) is pleased to present: Clyde Cleveland, the author of Common Sense-Revisited to Phoenix , for a thought provoking and eye-opening presentation on our Government, with the major contents of his discussion based on the original works by Thomas Paine, Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Published in 1776.
Understand why the colonists were divided and how the writing and distribution of “Common Sense”, quickly brought the majority of Americans in our country back together, which ultimately compelled our Founding Fathers to complete the essential documents needed, to form the organic, “Republic for the united States of America ” Constitution.
Learn about Indigenous vs.  Surrogate Powers, and how Americans have surrendered their “Sentient Power”. The good news is, we can peacefully, and lawfully, re-inhabit our sovereign status and eliminate  oppressive, top-down, de facto, federal corporate system in favor of a de jure, bottom-up, “By, of, and For the People”, Republic form of Government… This is what was intended by our founding fathers, and for which many in our country have given their lives to protect.
Following Clyde’s insightful presentation, we welcome everyone to stay for a Q&A session, and to discuss specific ideas for re-inhabiting our State and National Republics .  
Common Sense Website Address:
Presentation / Meeting Details:

Date:    Tuesday March 1st 2011         
Time:    6:30 pm until your questions are answered         
Location:    Phoenix Fire Department Administration Building   

                    150 South 12th Street

                    Phoenix , Arizona [85034]
The  meeting room has limited seating, so please arrive early.
We look forward to seeing everyone, and please feel free to invite friends, family, neighbors and other concerned Americans.
“Know the Truth...Be Free”
Warmest Regards,

Montie Wells

Arizona ’s Ambassador and Representative



























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This is part of a nationwide tour the Clyde is doing, driving from Florida to California and then back to Iowa. The finale of this tour will be a Rally in Iowa with Sheriff Mack as Keynote Speaker. See: for details. Please direct your friends in the Midwest to this! Brian Horsfield Email: Website: