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Publisher of Freedom's Phoenix, Ernest Hancock, to turn 50....

Written by Subject: Just For Fun!
Ernie has been a tireless activist for FREEDOM since 1989, and we all benefit from this in ways that we cannot even imagine. 
Ernie is reaching a milestone in his life (that of reaching the half century mark), and he could think of no better way to spend it than with family, friends, and fellow freedom activists. So, we will be having a birthday party at his home in Glendale, AZ on Saturday, March 26th, 2011 from 2 p.m. Til ??? Those of you that are in the area all welcome to come (see the MeetUp Post for details).
Make sure you send a birthday wish to Ernie (!

(Ernie: Donna's anniversary of her 39th Birthday is March 20th :)

We will have games and prizes, good food and drink, a stage (soap box idol, 3 minutes, judged) for anyone who wants to speak, and we are also working on doing karaoke!
There is still much work to be done and there are rough times ahead for all of us, but we will be able to survive this thing that is coming if we are prepared, plan ahead, and network with others of like mind.

We hope that you can attend this fun event! Now...go tell someone special that you them!
Thanks to all of you for your help and support over the years. We are not asking for gifts for this birthday party...only to free more minds. So...if you wish to help in this effort, please donate by giving a Birthday Gift to Freedom's Phoenix.

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Comment by Brock
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Happy birthday, E.  The best-laid plans to be there have capitulated to us being other places doing other things.  Have a great day!

Comment by George Andonyan
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Happy Exciting 50 Ernie-bro!  Thanks for the Liberty-packed events over the years and your contribution towards the enlightenment.  God bless and here's wishing you at least another 50 years of liberty-minded fun in good health!  Hope to share the fellowship and see you guys in the near-term.  Best regards, Curious George

Comment by Anonymous
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Happy Birthday Ernie!!!

All I know about you is But that’s already more than just knowing the man intimately all these past 50 years.

I cannot be like your long years of acquaintances greeting you in your birthday with monumental praises about who and what you are. But what I am certain about is that you and I cannot be hypocritical to each other by saying that both of us are of the same thoughts about Libertarianism as a way of life. We differ a little bit on what liberty and freedom mean as these relate not only to the individual self but also to the state and to the role of the government in our democratic society.

But in so many ways we are in accord rather than off tangent on the way how we think of our role in the Media. For instance, I think the way how you think of yourself as a publisher. In, to me you look like this nation’s Statue of Liberty that calls on the Media … Give me your "huddled masses" of "tired" writers who are "yearning to breathe free", and "I lift my lamp beside the golden door." And to me there is nothing else beyond my personal awe and administration in my more than 45 years practice of journalism of the man who just turned 50 whom in so short a time I came to know in more than a lifetime.


Bakadude /03/22/11

Comment by Frosty Wooldridge
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Highest celebration to you for your successful triumph of five decades on this planet.  Additionally, I admire your tenacity, your creativity, your great family, your energy and your betterment of humanity.  I think you're doing a hell of a great job inspiring, informing and activating Americans.  Wishing you continued excellent health, superb success and much happiness.  Happy Birthday Ernie!  Your friend, Frosty

Comment by Anarchocapitalist
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Happy Birthday both to Donna and you, Ernie!  Do you realize we met 17 years ago?!?  Time flies.  You helped influence the direction of my life and gave my brain new things to learn about.  I'm sure you've done this to countless others. Thanks for being one of those billboards in my life. You're much appreciated.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Doesn't his stunningly gorgeous wife Donna turn 25 on the same day? ;-)

Comment by Temper Bay
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One half of a century, Hancock - ONE HALF OF A...C-E-N-T-U-R-Y!

It's all down hill now, baby - and it's ain't a gradual slope - - it's SHARP!

You'll wake up tomorrow and you be SIXTY, and the next day SEVENTY, then, within the week it will seem, EIGHTY, and you'll notice odd, dark stretch limo type autos with curtained windows, with drivers, sad looking,wearing dark suits, driving back and forth in front of your home and office - strange, somber men with longing looks watching you - sort'a like...vultures.  And soon, you'll start getting advertisements for pre-paid funerals. 

It's all down hill, baby.  Buy the Vet, get the 20 somthing blonde, hair-plugs, Viagra.  Get it all, baby, while you can.