Article Image Gary**Q**s Bomb!


The RTR Mad as Hll Money bomb is being televised live right now!

Written by Subject: Activism
It's just after 12:00pm Central here at RTR headquarters and we've
flipped the switch to go live! Now is your chance to hear from a
world class line up of guests, chat with other supporters, submit
questions for the team, donate to restore the republic, and get
live updates on the totals!
Here is the lineup and ways to tune in:
Time     Guest
12:00 pm Central     John Bush/ Cat Bleish
12:30 pm Central        Joe Banister
1:00 pm Central     Jason Bermas
1:15 pm Central         Michael Murphy
1:30 pm Central     Manny Badillo
2:00 pm Central     Charles Goyette
2:30 pm Central         Luke Rudkowski
3:00 pm Central     Patrick Wood
3:30 pm Central         Tom Woods
4:00 pm Central     Randy Kelton
4:30 pm Central         Adam Kokesh
5:00 pm Central     Camp FEMA 2
5:30 pm Central         Camp FEMA 2
6:00 pm Central     Camp FEMA 2
6:30 pm Central         James Lane & Holland
7:00 pm Central     Ernest Hancock
7:15 pm Central     Tom DeWeese
7:30 pm Central         George Shepard
8:00 pm Central     Len Horowitz
8:30 pm Central         Sherri Kane
9:00 pm Central     Michael Lemieux
9:30 pm Central         Richard Mack
10:00 pm Central     Stewart Rhodes
10:30 pm Central        Michael Boldin
11:00 pm Central     OPEN
11:15 pm Central     Mark Dice
12:00 am Central     G.Edward Griffin
Embed code is below but not working here on FreedomsPhoenix, Click the link above to see the Show Live!

Upgrade your Abobe Flash to see the live Mad As Hell Broadcast

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