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Protect yourself against radioactive fallout contamination

Written by Subject: Japan - Earthquake Tsunami Radiation
For my friends who might be worrying about fallout drifting here from Japan,....
 Radioactive iodine is one of the most widely spread contaminants in a melt-down, and can be carried great distances by wind. The thyroid absorbs iodines, and thyroid cancer is a common risk of exposure to fallout. But the thyroid can be saturated with iodine base agents of a harmless form, blocking the thyroid from absorbing the BAD iodine. The standardized product for this treatment against getting contaminated is Potasium Iodide.
Potasium Iodide was used after Chernyobl for nearby residents, and for those lucky enough to receive it, ill effects of exposure were greatly reduced. Occurance rates of thyroid and other cancers in the following years amongst those who were treated with Potasium Iodide were significantly lower than among those who did not receive it.
Potasium Iodide is surprisingly available to anyone nearly everywhere, as it has many other pharmaceutical uses, such as for treating detoxification of heavy metals, and other maladies.
The reccomended dosage for an adult to protect against radioactive iodine is 130mg. The linked to product is 120 tablets of 32.5mg, which at 4 per day to reach 130mg, eqates to a 1 month supply for 1 individual. Price is just $9 dollars. No more expensive than your daily vitamins. For the next few weeks, you may wish to have some on hand. Your local pharmacy may have some for over-the-counter sale as well.

But as others decide they want this product as well, expect supplies to get scarce.