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Episode 1 Heather Lewis, liberty dollar trial (5 min. Podcast)

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The Liberty Dollar is on trial. Heather Lewis was in attendance of the trial and gives her perspective of the last 7 days in court now that the closing arguments have been made. See Heathers day by day blogging at
Drew's "Dead Air News" 5 minute update Podcast with Heather Lewis
Direct link to Heather Lewis' day by day trial coverage

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Comment by 1776blues
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Is it really counterfeit if the government doesn't use gold to make coins? I wonder if this could be argued, just my thoughts! 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The single biggest thing that has not been reported is the instructions from the judge to the jury.  That is usually where the courts seal the deal on a conviction for the state, and the second reason why the state has such a high conviction rate.