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Obama announces yet another war

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Live on TV President Obama just announced we are going to war with yet another nation, Libya.  Oh he didn't call it a war.  And he used our puppet UN as a pretext for why we have to go to war.  And amazingly there is not a word yet about this on the AP, Reuters,, Washington Post, or the NY Times.

Cruise missiles will be flying SOON!  We have seen this plan before.  Live TV of buildings blowing up.  Fawning media thrilled (well except CBS who has March Madness starting) at more war.  Our allies the French and Britain joining us with boots on the ground securing those oil fields for the oilmen who run this new world order.

And more stupid young people volunteering to sacrifice their lives, bodies, minds and productive years to go kill people and destroy things while the folks back home already tapped out are bled dry by the every hungry maw of the taxman.  America land of the free.

Qatar, Emirates to join Libya air strikes(Times of Malta  h/t

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Comment by Temper Bay
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That's why he got the Nobel Peace prize.  Now, let's watch how many fools march to this war and get themselves killed on the orders of this pathetic fraud.