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THE DOLLAR MELTDOWN - Published in China!

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Charles Goyette will be in studio with Ernest Hancock to discuss "The Dollar Meltdown" published in Chinese and Korean. Also, discussing the impact that "Atlas Shrugged Part 1" will have on... the planet, and why.
Interestingly the Chinese have added many footnotes that explain the cultural references to things like, "Goldilocks and the Three Bears & Scarlett O'Hara's 'I'll think about that tomorrow' "

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Comment by Tom Westbrook
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Unfortunately it's called "The Dollar Meltdown" when it should be called "The FRN Meltdown". The dollar is still alive and kickin at .77 Oz of silver. I don't think we ever went off the gold standard, it just became difficult to get dollars and at some point two words that meant two different things became interchangeable. When the FRN or sometimes referred to as "the Dollar Bill" (not a dollar but a Bill for a dollar) became no longer redeemable (in dollars) that's when the meltdown began (of the FRN). But what else would be expected? Should have kept doing business using dollars (silver rounds) long ago. It's simple, demand dollars be minted again by the u.s. mint and say good bye to the FRN :)

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