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March 20, 2011

For immediate release

Event: National author and lecturer: SHERIFF RICHARD MACK

Subject: Dismantling Corporatocracy - Corporation-ruled government

Sovereignty, forced vaccination, health freedom and unreasonable
invasion of privacy

Date: Sunday, March 27, 2011, Sondheim Center, Fairfield, Iowa, 1:00 -
4:30 p.m. Cost $15.00

Press Interviews are being scheduled in advance (limited availability)

Contact: Brian Horsfield>
 Phone messages can be left on 319-855-0307.

In 1994, the Sheriff of a small, rural Arizona county, Richard Mack
and six other sheriffs fought an Arizona gun control law-the infamous
Brady Bill. That year, Arizona's Federal Judge, John Roll ruled
favorably in Sheriff Richard Mack's case, which allowed Mack to
continue his fight to the Supreme Court. In 1997 the Supreme Court, in
an historical ruling against the Federal Government, agreed with Judge
Roll and ruled that the Brady Bill violated the Fifth Amendment as
well as the Tenth. Federal Judge John Roll was subsequently killed in
the Gabrielle Gifford Tucson tragedy.

Sheriff Richard Mack, is the author of 4 books including From My Cold
Dead Fingers, a clear and concise explanation of precisely why
Americans need to preserve the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and County
Sheriff: Americas Last Hope, providing irrefutable evidence from case
law, common law and the constitution that it is the Sheriff, a locally
elected official who has the jurisdiction and the authority to protect
the citizens from threatening federal entities, federal agents,
enemies both domestic and foreign. Sheriff Richard Mack will be the
featured speaker at the new Sondheim Center in Fairfield, Iowa, this
Sunday, March 27th, 1:00 - 4:30 p.m.

Last month, the Supreme Court ruled that all vaccine manufacturers are
completely immune, held harmless, for any and all cases of vaccine
injury. Yet law forces citizens to be vaccinated with dozens of
vaccines under the threat of being denied a public education, health
insurance and employment. Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president
of the National Vaccine Information Center, Washington, DC, will open
the event hosted by Clyde Cleveland, author of Common Sense Revisited.
Ms. Fisher is considered, the nation's first and foremost leader of
the vaccine movement…the movement concerned with upholding the
sovereign right of the individual to dissent from being vaccinated by
force, unlawfully detained or quarantined by the government. "There is
no other word for this but Tyranny." - Barbara Loe Fisher

Quotes from the Speakers:

Sheriff Richard Mack: "Thomas Jefferson warned 'when all government
shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will
render powerless the checks provided, and become as venal and
oppressive as the government from which we separated." The question
is... "When government becomes venal and oppressive, to whom can the
people turn to for peace, safety and freedom?"

Barbara Loe Fisher: "Exploitation of a captive people by a
pharmaceutical industry seeking unlimited profits, a Prescription for
Tyranny. Our citizens are subjected to mandatory use of dozens
vaccines under the threat of being denied a public education, health
insurance and employment. There is no other word for this but
Tyranny." – Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-founder and president of the
National Vaccine Information Center (
) The largest, oldest and most experienced vaccine safety and informed
consent watchdog in America! Barbara will appear by video

Clyde Cleveland: "We can peacefully, and lawfully, re-inhabit our
sovereign status and eliminate oppressive, top-down, de facto, federal
corporate system in favor of a de jure, bottom-up, "By, of, and For
the People”, Republic form of Government… This is what was
intended by our founding fathers, and for which many in our country
have given their lives to protect." Clyde Cleveland, Author of Common
Sense Revisited (
) and a Representative of the Republic for the united States.

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