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Psychopathic Body Politic: Corpus Delicti

Written by David McElroy Subject: Men trying to be our God
Psychopathic Body Politic: Corpus Delicti
By David A. McElroy
March 28, 2011
 Corporate structures can be psychologically profiled much like human beings. Basic principles and dynamics are similar, but with different scales of measure. The wheels of bureaucracy grind more slowly, but they do grind through processes analogous to human personal development in rising from conception to maturity and end at a point of systemic failure, a decaying corpse. Uncle Sam, personification of America’s now psychopathic body politic, reigns as “the world’s policeman”, yet denies his diseased mind is a danger to himself and others. This gangster exercises force and fraud to assert his vitality vainly in violent spasms while vultures hover in view of the corpus delicti.
 Uncle Sam’s disease is what the Cree Tribe and other Native Americans call Wetiko. In modern parlance it is Malignant Egophrenia, a psychosis leading to combative behavior and bodily injury. See Paul Levy’s recent essay on “The Greatest Epidemic Sickness Known To Humanity” at
 While Uncle Sam is pictured most generally as a wizened old man wrapped in stars and stripes, his actual behavior is more like that of the young big bully looking to inflict stars and stripes on 90 pound weaklings as he seeks to impress the world with his alcohol-fueled bravado. He is very obsessed with the building of his public image to hide his insecurities! He drives a shiny red muscle car with a loud boombox, and is full of himself.
 My Webster’s Dictionary defines “psychopathic personality” as “a person characterized by emotional instability, lack of sound judgment, perverse and impulsive (often criminal) behavior, inability to learn from experience, amoral and asocial feelings and other serious personality defects.” And a “sociopath” is defined as “a psychopathic personality whose behavior is aggressively antisocial.” You might even recall that by law, corporate bodies are considered “fictitious persons”. Such phony persons are aliases shielding real persons suffering malignant egophrenia, corporate bodies wielded with limited legal liabilities and measures of citizenship and influence larger than we humans are granted. Let’s consider these personalities as we know them, and not how they promote themselves! We should not allow their propaganda to dictate our public discourse anymore than Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga, or Charles Manson.
 Uncle Sam has declared himself absolutely secular, or amoral. He openly practices the manipulation of the electorate in shifting public policy to implement social engineering, demonstrating the federal anti-social tendencies against our culture. Obama’s Amnesty for illegal aliens is just another way of corrupting the voting process. His behavior is very bipolar, with swings between Progressive Democrats and NeoCon Republican leaders of what Pat Buchanan described as the “two wings of the bird of prey”. Uncle Sam is an impulsive tyrant, and will quickly exert military muscle without due process, clear cut goals or even an exit strategy. Of course, an exit is not in mind, as Uncle Sam still keeps Germany, Japan, and Korea under his thumb. Uncle Sam tells us we must sacrifice and tighten our belts, reduce our standards, while he spends our wealth, dignity, and lives in a manner befitting Roman Emperor Caligula and makes drunken sailors look very reserved.
 It is the very nature of states and corporatist thinking that destroys social fabrics in motifs seeking collectivist powers and profits in oppressive schemes in all the various forms of government, even republics. Corporate bodies politic, like we humans, develop a sense of self and motivations. They do become selfish in seeking esteem, powers and possessions. Unlike people, they have no souls, their only moral compass is the bottom line. Corporate bodies may survive for centuries, and people are their fodder! George Washington said government, is “like fire, a dangerous servant and a fearsome master!”
What is a nation? How has the corporatist influence changed our perception of the term?
 Originally, a “nation” was a distinct human culture, refined with very certain mores and religious traditions, language and social customs that were well defined within certain ancestral boundaries both genetic and geographic. Such a culture had long recognized structures of authority, some unique styles and techniques of art, industry, and education. These nations were largely homogenous and ethnic, tribal and clannish. Family life was the basis of society. People within these nations knew the rules of their cultures and this promoted confidence and stability for both the individual and the community at large in family camps, small villages, big cities or kingdoms. The ancient nation had a distinct cultural identity in the Family of Man, and protections and provisions for the people was paramount in society. Strong men with skills became village chiefs and kings providing protection and provision for peaceful commerce and industry in a stable community.
 This sort of stability in a homogenous culture is everything the modern state loathes and the New World Order is working fiendishly to eliminate. Politics is known as “The art of compromise”, and politicians will compromise everyone and everything in fomenting all manner of confusion and conflict to profit from the Hegelian Dialectic. Multiculturalism is a means to this end, including homosexual rights, feminism, and “tolerance” for even foreign laws as well as perverse and hostile cultures in our midst. Chaos is profitable for Uncle Sam and his corporatist family of deceitful professional psychopaths who insist on metering everything for statistical quantitative analysis and engineer shortages to achieve their aims leveled against us. Suffering and reward, sticks and carrots, are all Uncle Sam has for tools aside from his lying silver tongue and scheming paranoid mind. He has no things of value that he did not take from people by force or fraud. He is an illusionist, and we should be disillusioned if we don’t want to suffer stripes and see stars under his hand!
 This difference in the definition of a nation is what is being decided in the Middle East, why Afghanistan is the Graveyard of Empires. Afghanistan is one of the few remaining areas of the world where tribal chiefs and customs rule, where the social structure limits the collective forces mustered to simple infantry and guerilla tactics similar to those employed by the rebellious colonists of early America in 1776. Afghanistan’s lack of a central government (aside from puppets imposed as in client states) and huge taxes for a modern air force and nuclear weapons targeted by spy satellites makes this very remote mountainous Muslim tribal land a tempting target for empires seeking poppies and booty.
 Modern nations are the children and parents of corporations, and only pretend to serve their peoples. Often modern nations have become big empires and mass murderers in reducing people to profits in collecting lesser nations’ resources in hostile takeovers. Aboriginal tribal cultures and clannish family loyalties are fiercely targeted much as lions will seek to separate a weaker animal from the herd of prey. Corporatism is a form of socialism Mussolini identified as fascism. Many pay as few profit, profits are privatized and losses are socialized. As the Japanese say, “Business is War!” President Eisenhower warned Americans of the military/industrial complex’s hubris now driving us onward in perpetual war. People are taxed to purchase cannon, paid to design and build better cannon, conscripted to deploy cannon in warfare, and become cannon fodder! Corporate bodies collect the profits coming and going as we move from cradle to grave. This will guarantee only death and taxes for us in the herd of prey, and explains why socialists are so fond of Darwin and his Law of the Jungle. It is them feeding on us human resources!
 War… what is it good for? It is an ancient paradigm that modern science has raised from something like an intramural sport to a level sufficient for extinction of all life on Earth. This lethal corporate power is wielded by the most selfish elitist egos on the planet, and our taxes paid for this genocidal horror! We must value peace as truly patriotic and stop attacking humanity. We must now pursue the corporate masters, robber barons all, the “Captains of Industry” who command wars. We must wage love… which demands truth and justice!
 Oligarchs order their fascist warfare/welfare police states to kill and enslave us with subversive “public fool systems”, legal deceits, usury, commodity and currency speculations in a political theatre of smoke and mirrors. Get your head out of corporate mainstream media’s electronic gaslight alley! Corporatists own and control media, banks, insurance, schools, industry and real estate. They have even seized much religious turf. They do this primarily by “color of law”, a commodity purchased via lobbyists bearing gifts billionaires gain from our blood, sweat, and tears. “Possession is nine tenths of the law”, it is said, and the oligarchs claim legal possession of almost everything on the planet. See the distribution of wealth. The elite see us as chattel on a thousand hills.
 The rule of government is “He who has the gold rules.“ Corporate contingency plans are set as snares to “do unto others before they do unto you” in various pre-emptive strikes projected by “greenmail”, blackmail, force and fraud. Government would never “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” as Christ said. Government’s nature is to assert itself. Government is always exercising dominion through power projected to extract profits and enslave, demonstrating a psychopathic criminal behavior painfully obvious despite it’s deceits. Uncle Sam is but one in a rogues’ gallery of nations, and the victors of wars write the history books brainwashing the younger generations.
 American coins used to bear the motto “Mind Your Business”, as if to say “Hey, here’s my legal tender to pay the price, I don’t need to answer no stinkin’ questions!” Now we are supposed to answer questions even in purchasing a toaster, and any right to privacy is a relic of the past. Ask the IRS or Homeland Security. A “Cashless Society” is the elitist means to transparency and convenience for the corporatist New World Order, not us! It will be an electronic choke collar, even a noose, the Mark of the Beast!
 An old maxim declared He who does the payin‘ does the sayin‘, but now those who do the saying exempt themselves from paying the debts they heap upon working class people under color of law. When was the last time you saw or heard of a low income or lower middle class person serving in Congress , a state legislature, county commission, a city council, or even an advisory board? What ever happened to the concept of the citizen’s arrest, the independently called grand jury, fully informed juries aware of their rights to rule on the law as well as the allegation? Why are so many disqualified from jury service?
 The American Revolution fought in the Spirit of ’76 was waged with patriots crying they would have “NO KING BUT JESUS!”. They insisted that no man was to be above the law, and as Thomas Jefferson stated, America should offer “Equal rights for all, special privileges for none.” Patriots insisted statutes were to be plainly written to convey the clear meaning to common citizens in a consistent body of law formulating justice based on standards outlined in the Christian biblical tradition that had shaped the very distinct cultural identity of a eurocentric America. Does Uncle Sam’s government reflect these values today? Or in any time since the War Between The States? Didn’t the Fourteenth Amendment make federal slaves of all Americans? Was the Act of 1871 imposing the corporatist model paving the way for states to surrender control of the US Senate to the corporate elite like Rockefeller and Morgan in 1913? And set the stage for banksters to rule and rob us via the Federal Reserve Banks’ currency speculations that have since bankrupted us? Uncle Sam has become a demonic psychotic in dementia, and needs an intervention to arrest his destructive behavior and preserve life and property in America.
 America needs a regime change. The solution is not found in a supra-national world government like the United Nations, another layer of bureaucracy shielding oligarchs. The tyrants distance themselves from us with increasing deceits from lofty positions and must be brought down from the levers of power. Power must become less concentrated, and no person should be above the law. But what law is just law to enact? To what must we resort to restore humanity to a righteous path of progress uplifting to all people?
 Our answer lies in returning to a simpler and clear-cut social order Thomas Jefferson referred to as The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. This is a matter of recognizing the laws of physics and such evident in what modern theologians call the General Revelation, and the law nature’s Creator provided in Special Revelation through “Holy Writ” given Moses as The Ten Commandments. Christ summed up commandments in The Golden Rule, the law of love read in Matthew 22:36-40. All just law, rights and restrictions, overt and implied, are rooted in God’s law. Israel fell from God seeking a king in I Samuel 8.
 Tyrants prefer the love of law to the law of love, will not love God nor neighbors at all. Their pride drives them to assert themselves over others in malignant egophrenia! The battle is joined. Will you serve degrading evil or uplifting good? No king but Jesus?

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