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It's Like a Dark Comedy - (Staring, Republican Paul Ryan)

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Gerry asks...
Can anyone in the EDG (Economic Discussion Group) verify the accuracy of this letter to the editor in the latest issue of The Economist?


SIR – From Paul Ryan—the congressman who voted for two unaffordable wars, the unfunded Prescription Drug Benefit and an $800 billion tax cut for millionaires—now comes this visionary budget proposal. What a guy!


In response to your question about Paul Ryan, I can verify it and more:

Voted for the original 2001 “use of force” authorization, voted for the Iraq war, voted for TARP, voted for Bush prescription drug bill, voted for auto bailout, voted for tax on CEO compensation, voted for No Child Left Behind, voted for the Patriot Act, voted to make the Patriot Act permanent, voted for Afghan and Iraq war spending, voted for the Bush 2008 stimulus.

And then he advances a plan to balance the federal budget in 26 years –  IN 26 YEARS - and he becomes the conservative’s policy point man.  It’s like a dark comedy.

Charles G.

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