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4409 -- Handicap putting their mark on the Revolution making 4409 Pirate Shirts

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Having the shirts made by them is like buying truly organic. It costs more, but its better for you in the long run!
Help sponsor 4409 by getting the shirts. Just donate $20 or more to the chip-in below. Specify the size and color in the "Instructions to merchant" part when donating.
Shirts are limited and its printed on both front and back M -L-XL-2XL Yellow or Light Gray
Chip-in uses PayPal but you don't actually need a PayPal account to donate


About the Screen Printers:
Established in 2002, Michael's Garden, a Division of ACCEL (Arizona Centers for Comprehensive Education and Life Skills), is an innovative day program, serving adults with special needs. Michael's
Garden provides life-long education and vocational training to individuals with functional disabilities over the age of eighteen.
Each day, Monday through Friday, clients come to Michael's Garden to train and work with an experienced professional staff, to create products that are shipped in 48 states and 2 countries, Canada and the UK.
Job skill development prepares clients for independence, by teaching a specific set of work skills, which may someday be transferred to community employment.
ACCEL/Michael's Garden
10251 N. 35th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85051
P: (602) 995-7366
F: (602) 997-2846

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Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

Want to know one simple facet proving the corrupt entity that the Mormon church is, in addition to the state where all of our taxes our sent to finance the Fed (Ogden Utah)... to see one minute facet of the the Mormon/Mossad profiteering from 9/11:  The Mormon church predicted the constitution would hang by a thread because they created the situation as a hidden hand in RICO as a Masonic cult, as Masonic cults are tied to the Vatican Jesuit.  The Mormons will most likely have a president one day in office feigning falsely to save the day...  (with the cooperation of the Masonic-controlled/Illuminati powers that be).

Doug Wallace is founder, retired lawyer and a great man whom like me has suffered greatly for exposing the Mormon Masonic Corporate LIES FOR PROFIT after seeing, and leaving their cult.

 Run far away from any so-called activist with connections to the Mormon/Khazarian Empire, the true enemies of this country.  They are the Elders of "Zion"... protocols that have destroyed this country through their banking practices and Racketeering that resulted in Kennedy's death (RICO conspiracy that Kennedy spoke of to the American people).  

Yes, the Mormons are a Secret Society, that is why their masonic handshakes and powers received from the apron of Lucifer are forbidden to be discussed in their temples.  Ask any mormon to show you the nipple markings on their garments (holy underwear).  They bear a masonic square and compass.  This is no accident, and it is no accident that no mormon site, or advertisement, including many of their monopolies will allow me to comment about the truth for which I "suffered my life to be taken" while dragging my thumb across my neck at 19 years old, the night before my temple wedding.  SICK SICK SICK people.  Open your eyes Mormons.




Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

I believed in this guy until I found out that he is a scam artist and HALF-TRUTHER.  Shelton will do anything for a buck, which means:  Advertise for, when he knows that the Mormon empire is a huge part of the American problem with their over-representation in the corrupt CIA and FBI and the 1.5 billion dollars that they are about to receive for enhanced spying on Americans, which will further their overthrow of America and its economy with RICO condoned and facilitated by Illuminati bankers.  Mormons are a hidden hand in 9/11 profiteering and have in their BANKING relationships to ZIONIST ISRAEL CRIMINALITY.  Why does Jason Shelton '4409' voluntarily conceal the biometric element of the Roadway cameras?  I put the think tank together that brought the cameras out out as an independent contractor, and it was about microchip implantation and biometrics, way back in 1998, and they got into the back pockets of the Universities to "study transportation" 24/7 with full-frontal recognition devices that allow for RFID exploitation.  The goal was to NATIONALIZE IDENTIFICATION for these chips.  And it was about SOCIAL CONTROL.  Only after I was exposing to others Jason Shelton's deliberate half-truths, did he later come out with something that is tagged "age-sensitive" and it couldn't be found on his site, nor did he ever mention it to me while seeing me exclusively for three months when it was only to get close to me to harm me and my RICO case against the City of Tempe Police Department with his side-kick Rene Houlihan, or is it Myrtle Valdez.... age 33?  She has nine aliases and two addresses showing current that are not even valid addresses.  Hmmmm....  Makes me wonder about real estate fraud...  and banking fraud and who is participating voluntarily or involuntarily.  Never have I had such a case of people pretending to be a friend when it was the opposite case.

 It was my idea that he make these shirts, now I regret it after learning who the real person is.  Do not be fooled by wolves in sheeps clothing.  He is a professional agitator and known in his community to be a liar and a con and that is about what it amounts to.  I can attest that 'liar' and 'con' is an understatement after conducting business with him that he volunteered for in my home while dating me.

 Jason Shelton has orchestrated slanderous email campaigns against me copying two credible men that I have been working with for exposure of truth: one a Senate majority leader who confirms cointelpro targeting of Mormons (a rich masonic cult) who leave the church (as myself) and the other a retired lawyer who is outing the 9/11 Mormon/Mossad/Cia connection, his name is Doug Wallace, former Mormon excommunicated for ordaining black men with the preisthood.  Neither of them know Jason Shelton '4409' and wonder why he is so bent on discrediting me to them.

My Senator friend does not even know who Jason Shelton is, let alone who "4409" is, a self-appointed hero-figure name for himself.   It amazes me what men will stoop to for a buck. 

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