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4409 -- FDA: Arsenic recently discovered in Chicken is not bad for you?....WTF

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FDA: Some chicken may contain arsenic....WTF

WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration says some chicken meat may contain small amounts of arsenic, though the agency is stressing that the amount is too tiny to be dangerous to people who eat it.

The FDA said Wednesday that a new study by the agency shows that an ingredient in chicken feed that contains arsenic, called Roxarsone, may make its way into parts of the bird that are eaten. Previous studies have indicated the arsenic was eliminated with chicken waste.

Pfizer, which makes the feed ingredient, said Wednesday that it will pull it off the market in the United States. The FDA said it would be banned because it is a carcinogen.

Many poultry producers have already stopped feeding their birds the ingredient, which was used to kill parasites and promote growth.

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