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IMAGINE: A Constitution Lobby in Every State: Of, By and For The People

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011
9.30 pm EST - Come and Join Us on the National Call! 

Go to for call number, code and additional information about the Lobby initiative.

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Comment by Jorge Adrian Salaices
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"We The People of Texas, Inc" ..

Texas Joins the Constitution lobby ..

The Constitution can not be defended unless the people defend it !

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Bout Time!!

Comment by H. Skip Robinson
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A brick and motar building along side each State Capital building? The below paragraph is what is on the Constitutional Lobby website. We could do this much easier and much less expensively through a web based system so as to afford greater participation? They have encryption now that can't be hacked and we can of course use hard copy backups as a verification of all actions. Just because the government doesn't like to be transparent with hard copy backup in their voting systems, doesn't mean we can't. Will I have to travel from Lake Worth, FL to Tallahasee, FL to participate in the yet undescribed process? I do not see this yet as an improvement to our current system. It appears to me as if it is just another centralized system that will end up being run by overpaid attorneys just as our government is run today. Does anyone know if this is what the Contiental Congress came up with? We need to get the judicary away from political control, not get it closer. The system I propose is I think expensive at $750,000 to $1,000,000 but this will be 100 times that amount. for some additional ideas.

On the Constitutional Lobby website: "I hold the vision that one day soon, there will be another building in every state capital, in the likeness of Jefferson’s “Monticello,” his home in Virginia that was designed by him. I see those buildings adored by the People as permanent “citizen vigilance centers,” manned with paid constitutional attorneys and staff relying on hundreds of “constitutional monitors” located across the State and reporting to an “interdisciplinary” Board of Directors. These Citizen Vigilance Centers will serve the People of the State intent on holding their elected officials accountable through civic education and civic action, with no deference to politics, in utmost respect and defense of the greatest governing documents ever given to mankind."

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