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James Warren "Flaming Eagle" mooney on Guerrilla Radio

Written by Subject: Drug War
James Warren "Flaming Eagle" Mooney discusses how he went from Drug enforcer to Oklevueha Native American Church Medicine Man and the Legal precedence that has been laid  down, defending the rights of the individual to practice religious freedom according to Native American Spiritually

These teachings center around Church Sacrament, known as "Teaching Plants” in their spiritual and healing ceremonies.  These teaching plants could be marijuana (cannabis), mushrooms (psilocybin), tobacco (nicotine), peyote (mescaline) or Ayahuasca (dmt).  In Native American spirituality, ALL plants are sacred! 

In this country, Native Americans in the Southwest focused primarily on the use of peyote. As Europeans came to this  continent and began to exterminate the Native American population, a central feature of this effort was directed at destroying the culture of Native Americans. In many ways this effort continues to this day.

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