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In August, Saudi Arabia now ranks second in viewing the Philosophy of Liberty

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In August, Saudi Arabia is now ranks second in viewing the Philosophy of Liberty on the JG website, behind the US and ahead of Germany. Morocco and Egypt are also in the top 20, thanks to Ernie, Drew, Steve, Nouh, and Tom.

FreedomsPhoenix Arabic - Special Edition "HarheaPhoenix" (Arabic for FreedomsPhoenix)

Janette, for July, 322 copies of the commentary edition were downloaded. This is triple my last report to you at the beginning of the year. Exciting! I don't have an answer to the "why?".


Also exciting news is the JG Play produced in Nigeria. From Franklin Cudjoe on FACEBOOK:

"Real Theatre at Ahmadu Bello University. You missing guys..

Just seen the greatest play on the intrusiveness of governments around the world. Performed by the Theatre Arts Dept. of Ahmadu Bello University.The play is based on the book "Adventures of Jonathan Gullible" originally written by Ken Schoolland and adapted for the play by Adedayo Thomas.Trully,Nigerian theatre producers are the best! I told the cast (actors) they had done our whole week's work in just one hour.I requested a reenactment on Sunday.I will do anything to support the cast to go global."


We are soon to have an edition in French (October). Others in progress: Swedish, Armenian, Finnish, Vietnamese, Danish, Estonian, Hindi, and possibly new editions in Dutch and Spanish.


The sad news: Terry Easton has cancelled his ISIL speaking engagement in Sicily because of colon surgery...cancer detected. I sincerely hope that he'll recover fully soon. If you know Terry and Sue, they do welcome contact from friends.

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