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Death By A Thousand Cuts

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We start with a First Principle: Those things allegedly most treasured by our nation including Liberty, justice, wealth, safety and social order arise not by chance or force, but through the institutions of Law and limited government, offered, embraced and manifest by moral, learned and spiritual minds via the collective political instruments now known as our state and federal Constitutions.  

It follows naturally that the gross separation or alienation of government officials from our Constitutions must, by definition result in the death of the nation itself.

Each violation heaps an additional, devastating impact on America’s economy, families, moral character, global reputation and the Freedoms of its citizens.

To be sure, if we permit it to happen, the material cause of the demise of Liberty and our Republic will be the cumulative damage and decay resulting from the relentless and escalating number of violations that continue to debase both our state and federal Constitutions.  After all, the Constitutions, as rule books designed to govern the government, are all that stand between the People and total tyranny.

Yes, through it all and despite the damage, our democracy will survive; we will go on electing people to office, as this function is necessary in establishing any form of representative government.

What will not survive, however, is the
Republic of America -- designed by the greatest governing documents ever given to mankind.  Simply put, absent a sea change in the People’s attitude and commitment toward their Constitutions, our Republic’s approaching demise is all but a certainty.

Unless a sufficient number of People decide to soon embrace our Constitutions, and learn to “connect the dots” between the specific provisions and prohibitions of Law provided therein and the malevolent, unlawful behaviors of our elected officials, we are a doomed nation, subject only to the Rule of Men and the tyranny of Power.

Unless the American People soon rekindle and accept personal responsibility to hold all elected officials accountable to those written documents, regardless of their political stripes and whether they voted for them, America’s fate as a Sovereign, lawless ship, captained only by pirates and despots is sealed.

Without a collective constitutional conscience of the People, for the errant impulses of our elected officials to contend with, the (now) unbridled violations of Law will most assuredly drain the remaining life blood from the Republic.

As Jefferson said, political parties are by their nature corruptive. Without a national constitutional conscience, the loyalties of our elected officials will naturally continue to flow away from the Constitution to the Party responsible for designating them for the ballot and its self-serving platforms and objectives.  

As Jefferson also said, the People are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty. Without a national constitutional conscience, the collective belief of the People will continue to be the naive cry of all democracies, i.e., “If you don’t like what is going on, vote for someone else”.  

In truth, elections are the crudest form of organized political exercise possible by a “free” People and are the instrument of participation employed by all pure democracies. Elections, in essence, are the tool of those that control the political process, the levers of government and the status quo. Elections, if relied upon as the sole method of exercising the powers of Popular Sovereignty, serve only the will of the majority and the chosen recipients of government beneficence.

Despite the necessity of electing those who wield governmental power, it is the malicious use of elections by which pure democracies sustain the illusion of Liberty, while Individual Rights, i.e., those superior, unalienable Rights and political protections which define the heart of a true Republic, wither and dissolve.

Again, our Constitutions are our Law.  They are all that stand between the People and total tyranny.

The Constitution is not a menu and cannot defend itself. That’s up to us, the People.

Constitution Lobby

The vision of the Constitution Lobby is to institutionalize vigilance, confront government wrongdoers, and secure Redress for our Grievances via organized, en masse Civic and Legal Actions.

The Constitution Lobby is essentially the collective, organized exercise of the higher-order powers of Popular Sovereignty expressed in the Declaration of Independence: Men are endowed by their Creator, to enjoy certain unalienable Rights, among them the moral and just authority to create, reform or otherwise manifest, at the People’s sole discretion, forms of governance which may best protect those Rights and serve their interests and Happiness.

Is our Government serving our interests?  Is it protecting our Rights? Are you “Happy”?  Do any of our governments obey our Law? Do you believe we can ever elect our way out of what ails our nation? Do you believe that our Founders gave the People only the Right of elections and the Second Amendment to hold our elected officials accountable?

The truth is, the People possess far more powers than most currently believe or know about.  It is the intent and stated mission of the Constitution Lobby to educate our People and exercise the full range of powers needed to peacefully hold our elected officials accountable, regardless of their political stripes or whether we voted for them.  

The WTP organization is doing its part.  Our open, verifiable and transparent record, as fully recorded on these pages, demonstrates we are at once goal and process-oriented, always taking the appropriate, achievable next step, no matter how strenuous, ambitious or bold.

In pursuit of this logical next step, we are now working toward the establishment of a Constitution Lobby in each state. Imagine 5% of the population of each state as members of such a Lobby, each paying nominal dues ($25) to support a multi-million dollar yearly budget and full time staff of fully committed Patriots to organize, administer and finance:

      a network of trained constitutional monitors to be located across the state (whose job it will be to compare the actions of all elected officials in their state with the requirements of the law from the their State and Federal Constitutions on down to local ordinances, and to petition the elected officials for redress of violations), and  

      a team of constitutional attorneys and their staff located in a Citizen Vigilance Center located near the Capital (whose job it will be to interact with the constitutional monitors, investigate violations and recommend a course of civic and/or legal action to stop or reverse the violation).

The Constitution Lobby Is A Means
To Non-Violently Force The Change Needed
To Prevent Otherwise Inevitable Violence

Violence is on the rise on the streets of countries in Europe and elsewhere across the planet.

This violence is a predictable side-effect of social disorder, economic disparity, government and corporate fascism, unchecked oppression and militarism, and the systemic denial of Justice, economic opportunity and essential Human Rights.
Most critically, the exercise of violence is driven by the perception of the collective masses that they -- the People -- are otherwise powerless to remedy and restore the Order which Nature has intended.  

Everything else being equal, America will soon experience similar violence from related, if not identical causes and conditions.

It can be strongly argued that the violence likely coming to America could be prevented, if our elected officials, under sustained, organized and widespread pressure from a Constitution Lobby, could be forced, under threat of en masse, peaceful Civic Actions, to end the destructive violations of our Constitutions which now threaten the Republic.

If such violations were Redressed and timely remediated, our nation would quickly regain fiscal stability, financial vitality and an improved social order. With accountability in government we would experience the resurrection of a responsible, less corrupted political order.  

Viewing the benefits solely through a financial lens, imagine the reduced expenditures, balanced budgets and constitutionally valid currency and banking practices that would empower the People and businesses of our Republic to thrive again almost overnight.

Imagine the impact worldwide if a fully constitutional America, via demonstration and  example, illumined the Peoples of all nations regarding how sound money, accountable government, military restraint, fair markets, the Rule of Law and the peaceful exercise of Popular Sovereignty could improve their lives as well.

Because the U.S. dollar (for now) remains the world’s reserve currency, the financial effects alone would be significant and reverberate across the globe, resulting in many far healthier economies, diminished military conflicts, and fewer domestic social disturbances, inequities and violence in Europe and elsewhere.

Think of the vast reductions in spending and debt possible if our Constitution was fully honored and respected, meaning no more:

- meddling in the internal affairs of other countries

- undeclared wars

- war on terror

- police state

- corporate welfare

- fiat currency

- Bills of Credit through or under the auspices
     of the Federal Reserve System

- expenditures for un-enumerated programs and activities

- direct, un-apportioned taxes on labor

- un-enforced immigration laws

The violence emerging in Europe is due in large part to austerity measures imposed by governments as the result of declining tax revenues from individuals and businesses and the inability of those governments to pay their debts.

Many of these countries have embarked on programs of social, military and corporate favoritism that are simply not financially viable and which violate the essential Principles of Nature, (as expressed succinctly in America’s Founding documents). These governments have, for the most part, (like the U.S. government), embraced the failed monetary theories of fiat currencies, fractionalized lending and (privately owned) Central Banking. 

The people of these foreign nations, perceiving themselves as powerless to improve their lot, turn violent as their governments withdraw or reduce the size of the pay and benefits of public employees and government “services” the people have come to depend on.

In short, America has a choice, and it needs to made quickly. Either the People will organize and resist the approaching tsunami of violence by restoring our Constitution and the essential Principles it embodies (including sound money), or the sins of many decades will, like bad karma, come to haunt our land with violence, chaos and escalating confrontations against the police state, as it has in Europe and other nations in recent months. This needed empowerment of the American People can be achieved rapidly through a Constitution Lobby.

Make no mistake: Despite the soothing platitudes of media talking heads and government officials, this nation is on a track for dark days unless the People stand up now, and peacefully change course.  The ongoing crisis regarding America’s debt is but one symptom of the crumbling pillars of our Republic.

Our sins have been against the Constitution. We the People have let it happen. It’s time for our penance. It’s time for the People to peacefully push back, by claiming and exercising our fundamental, constitutionally guaranteed Right to do so.


Thin Ice

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