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DATELINE Fountain Hills, Arizona – 15 August 2011

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DATELINE Fountain Hills, Arizona – 15 August 2011

The Recall Henry Leger Committee and the Recall Ginny Dickey Committee have each gathered and will be submitting almost 2000 signatures. Committee Chairs for both committees have confirmed that they have already validated hundreds more than the required 1308 signatures required to cause a recall election of these elected representatives.

“We would very much like to thank all the folks that volunteered their time and energy to this effort.  It was far less difficult than we originally thought.  And aside from the personal attacks and inaccurate information being tossed at the committees and individuals who donated their time to this effort from Dickey and Leger supporters, we are very glad this effort never become personal or generated hateful rhetoric from anyone involved with the committees.”

“We would like to remind the voters in Fountain Hills that the work is not over yet.  Just summer, the progressive members of the Town Council have proposed tax hikes on our utilities, (secondary) property levy, fire inspection fees, and so on while approving pay increases increased spending initiatives.”

The voters of Fountain Hills will now have an opportunity to express their grievances with Council members Dickey and Leger – along with Mayor Schlum and Council member Brown at the poles early in 2012.

For more information or dates and locations to sign the petitions, please email the committees at: or


Come monday at 9am Hugh  Henry and i will be submiting  to the town

clerk of fountain hills 1955 signatures to have henry leger recalled.

We will also be submiting 1953 signatures to have Ginny Dickey

recalled. We feel extremely confident that this will be more than

sufficient to meet the  requirement of 1308 needed to effect a recall

election of both council members. Thanks to everyone for your efforts,

we couldn't have done this without you guys. It was my pleasure to

meet new friends and work with each and every one of you. Let freedom

ring! -Bill


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