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Obama calls Joint Session... will Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann have to miss GOP Debate?

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Obama Accepts Request to Reschedule Jobs Speech Amid Conflict With GOP Debate
08-31-2011  •  FoxNews 
(Publisher: Wow! Makes you go "Hummmm" don't it?
      I imagine that the Debate will center around Jobs and what the Republicans would use the government for in a quest for "jobs". I can already predict the questions and the responses from the majority of the Republican field in anticipation of Obama countering the rhetoric from the GOP debate. But who but Ron Paul will be able to frame the issue in such a way that educates the population about the need for the government to get OUT OF THE WAY and just enforce contracts and punish aggression, fraud and theft. I can see the motivation for Obama doing this "look at me" tactic. But I don't think he understands what is going to come out of it.... or maybe he does. It will be Ron Paul Liberty vs Big Bubba. The Republican machine will have to make a clear decision based on this. All I have to do is wait a week to see if I'm clairvoyant :)

Ron Paul "Weighing his Options" Over Debate-Blocking Presidential Speech
Something to watch, even though it might come to nothing: The Congressional Option that could scuttle President Obama's big speech next week. The president has requested a joint session of Congress in order to give a speech about the economy and jobs. Two current presidential candidates, Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul, are in Congress, and scheduled to appear at a debate at the same time Obama's speaking, on the opposite side of the country.* And a member of Congress can object to the president's request.

So, will they? Paul's campaign got back to me first.

"Dr. Paul is weighing his options," says the congressman's campaign spokesman, Jesse Benton. "Our campaign, however, thinks it is undignified that the President of the United States would resort to such transparent tactics to step on our Republican debate. The real losers here are the American People who deserve the opportunity to hear from both the President and the GOP contenders."


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Comment by Donna Hancock
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This particular debate was initially scheduled for May 2011, but was rescheduled for Sept 14th, 2011 and then rescheduled again for Sept 7th, 2011. As of this writing, the debate is a go for the Sept. 7th date.

 From Fox News:

Earlier a Reagan Library official, speaking to Fox News, said there was no official reaction yet from the organizers of the debate, but the event has been on the schedule for months. Politico, which is co-sponsoring the debate with NBC News, had said the debate would not be postponed. 

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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The debate has been postponed.

Comment by brettrix smith
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the little man in the white house backed down and agreed to have his campaign speech on sept 8th - what a joke.... FYI -this was the first time in recorded history (as far back as i can tell at least) that the president tried to set the date without first discussing it with the legislative leaders - what a punk and what a FAIL 

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