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Oklahoma Biometrics Battle

Written by Subject: Bill of Rights
We Are Change Oklahoma and Free Mind Films have put together this excellent video review of why this international biometric system of identification and control should be rejected and dismantled. The video features Mark Lerner, nationally recognized biometrics expert and co-founder of the Constitutional Alliance. It also covers my personal effort to fight against biometric identification through the legal system in Oklahoma.
(For the crash course in biometric ID read Biometrics 101-Your Body IS Your ID)
My first reaction to Real ID was an instinctive one but after several years of studying the scheme and biometric identification in general, I have come to oppose it intellectually, practically, philosophically, morally and spiritually as well. 
On September 21, 2011 my Attorneys, Ben Sisney and Jon Echols of Echols and Associates in conjunction with the Rutherford Institute filed suit against the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety on my behalf.
With biometric ID, we may resist it now or resist it later but without a shadow of a doubt; we will all resist it at some point. After watching this video, I hope that others will realize that this time is now.
If you want to follow the progress of this case, check the website of the Constitutional Alliance for continuous updates.

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