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Oct 19th "Black THIS Out" Money Bomb

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Because of the media's bias and their refusal to admit Dr. Ron Paul as a 2012 GOP Frontrunner, we have no choice but to make a very clear statement. On Oct 19th, we will stand as one with Ron Paul and his mission to change the course of history by raising more than $6,000,000 in a single day for his campaign for the Presidency of the United States of America. This will be our statement. Let the media Black THIS Out!

Black THIS Out Progress:

The Oct 19th "Black THIS Out" Money Bomb will be the one to surpass them all, but ONLY with your help!

So far, we have over 13,000 people pledged to donate what they can to the Ron Paul Campaign on the 19th. Over 13,000 people, ALREADY! That's many more people than the August 20th $2,000,000 Birthday Money Bomb, and with 14 days remaining until midnight of the 19th, we have the opportunity NOW to take this early momentum and really make the donation numbers EXPLODE!

Please be a part of the momentum - be counted by joining below at:


Here's where the two Mega Moneybombs of 2007 stood:

• Nov 5th, 2007 - November 5th MB - 17,000 Pledges - $4.3M Raised - 35,000 Unique Donors.
• Dec 16th, 2007 - Tea Party Day MB - 36,500 Pledges - $6M Raised - 58,407 Unique Donors.

With 13,000 people already pledged to this event and 14 days left to promote it, I think it's clear to see that we have a very real shot at out-raising our past moneybomb records of 2007, but we can ONLY do this WITH YOUR HELP!

What Each and Every One of us can do to Help:

• #1 - Help us Get Pledges on & the Facebook Event Attendance totals:
The most valuable resource we have right now is YOU. Your network of friends, family and co-workers is the KEY to reaching the greatest number of people in the 14 days we have left before October 19th. lso, almost 10,000 people are already confirmed as "Attending" or "Maybe Attending" on the Black THIS Out Facebook Event. We need MORE! Our goal is 25,000 attendees, so attend yourself and then invite your friends.

• #2 - Spread the Word via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Email:
Help to share BlackThisOut with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and email by going to Just search for the social networking toolbar above the pledge form in order to help spread the word. You can also search for BlackThisOut promotional videos on YouTube and use them as a tool to help in your promotion efforts.

• #3 - Get More Ideas by Reading our BTO Promotional Guide:
For those who would like to do even more, This Promotion Guide has all the "How to & Step by Step" instructions so you can spread the word about Black THIS Out as far as possible. It is the official (lol) planning thread for this event. If you want to help us organize the event, just visit that thread. All the major links and even the marketing materials (e.g. posters, cards, widgets, etc.) are included in the first post. Please spread the promotion guide link below to any of your friends that want to help out with promotion.

This is our Final Chance to get Dr. Paul Elected President:

We need early momentum in order to build this into something spectacular, and that takes both time and effort. The Black This Out Money Bomb could be the DECIDING FACTOR on whether or not Ron Paul wins the GOP nomination. The campaign is currently trying to make a big push into 2nd place, but this can ONLY be done through the financial backing of the grassroots. If Black THIS Out reaches its $6,000,000 goal, the campaign will have enough funding to push as hard as they can to break Ron Paul into first place!

This is most likely OUR LAST CHANCE to get Ron Paul elected President, and judging from recent polling numbers and the weak presidential field, we definitely have a good shot at making this a reality. All that's needed is the ability for the campaign to make this push into first place.  If we win the primary, we win the General election hands down.  If we fail to achieve this, it could spell doom for our entire Republic. Don't allow this to happen when we're so close to VICTORY! Please do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can to spread Black THIS Out as far and wide as possible!


In Liberty, Staff

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