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Herman Cain Explains His Ron Paul Comment On Leno "Grumpy Old Man"

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Herman Cain Explains His Ron Paul Comment On Leno "Grumpy Old Man".  This shows clearly that Herman Cain doesn't have what it take to be the leader of this country or anything else.  He actually says this is what other people say about Ron Paul.  What a dufus!

He says you should fix "Stuff" not end things.
He is referring to the federal reserve to which he worked for in Kansas City.

Herman Cain's 999 plan has 3 different taxation levels, if you think if this is implemented you will see the income tax gradually go away i have a bridge id like to sell you.

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Comment by Rich Ness
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Actually, the Fed Charter became perpetual shortly after it was enacted.  The original charter was 20 years, but it was later extended, and only can be abolished by Congress or illegal act.  We could argue the proliferation of currency to the extent it has enslaved the populous, as being such an act, as well as not allowing full disclosure and audit, particularly in foreign loans - which could be considered an act of treason in itself.

Comment by David McElroy
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 Herman Cain, the Republican counter to Obama's race card, is a former president of the Federal reserve Bank of Kansas City - a fact the media glosses over. As such, Cain also is a foil against Ron Paul's relentless attacks upon the Federal Reserve Bank System. Perhaps foiling Paul is his main mission. Might I mention the Fed's charter expires in Dec. 2012 if not renewed? Could our fiscal plight be due the end of the Fed's 100 year plan to sack America and impose a fascist brand of socialist tyranny? Are the banksters making haste to wrap up loose ends before the expiration of their charter to loot America? 

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Why is it that not one candidate will ask  Cain if he agrees with the people,and the methods used to create the FED?

I have ask many people the very same question,only to be Ignored.I think the question will separate the good,from the bad,because anyone that agrees with those people,and methods is,or,are not good people,and are one in the same.

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