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Large Scale Banner Project (300 4x8 RonPaulRevolution signs... here's how)

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(Read the email exchange below for more tips on how to replicate this project and to help with the funding of this particular one)

Hi Ernie,
Here is a link to the raw videos of our Banner Project.
Bill Domenico

On Sat, Oct 15, 2011 at 9:56 AM, Bill Domenico

Hi Ernie,


We have met our goal and produced over 300, 4x8ft Banners and Two, 6ft x 20ft Banners in one week!

Here is a link to RP FORUM THREAD with PICS. There is also a short video of grommets being attached.

Grommet Video:
I have raw video coming of the entire project. I will upload tonight and send you the Youtube link.
Any promotion you can provide in order to obtain additional funding would be greatly appreciated.
Please promote our Chipin to help pay for this effort.
Thank you for your help.
Bill Domenico

On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 7:25 PM, Ernest Hancock :

If you can get a sprayer with an air compressor you’ll have better luck for high volume but we used Spray cans just as much.

Water down the Latex water based paint until it flows like whole milk for sprayers (learned this from activists in California)

The more expensive spray cans (krylon etc.) cover much better and are easier to use so, if you can get them on sale they are the best. But we normally used the 99 cent discount spray cans if we could find them (especially black). The more expensive Reds were worth it since they were used less, stood out more and covered better than the cheaper brands.

Try buying several kinds and pick a favorite combo. Humidity, temperature and surface have a lot to do with the performance. But keep in mind that 40 feet at 40 miles per hour allows for a lot of ‘slop’ J

Send us videos and we’ll promote the effort.

Good luck.

Oh, here is the best stuff to make the stencils from…


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