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Chicago Tribune April 21st 1934 Cartoon

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Planned Economy Or Planned Destruction 1934 Cartoon Resurfaces

The Chicago Tribune once had the grand reputation of objective journalism.  For your musing, a poignant example from an editorial cartoon from April 21, 1934.  From Roger’s Rules

And history repeats itself….

“Planned Economy or Planned Destruction.  Tugwell Head.  Brain Twister Truster.  Power.  Whoopee!  Ickes.  Wallace.  Richberg.  Young Pinkies from Columbia and Harvard.  Depleting the resources of the soundest government in the world.   ‘It worked in Russia.’  Plan of action for the U.S.  Spend!  Spend!  Spend under the guise of recovery – bust the government – blame the capitalists for the failure – Junk the constitution and decree a dictatorship.  How red the sunrise is getting – Stalin.  Copyright by The Chicago Tribune.  Orr.”

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