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Phoenix activists, Andrew and Gwen Strmic, have baby boy today 10-19-11

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All things considered, Andrew and Gwen feel very lucky that the baby is breathing on its own, they DR's will be feeding the baby thru the umbilical cord for a couple of days, and Gwen will be able to get started on getting her breast milk going by pumping. 
Although I am sure that everything will turn out fine, please keep Andrew and Gwen and little baby Strmic in your prayers. Since the baby came early, they did not have a name picked out yet for the baby.
I am not sure if they are taking visitors as this time - it would be best to call and ask first. Gwen and baby are at St. Joe's Hospital in Phoenix, AZ. 602-406-3000. Not sure what room number.

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Comment by Michele Power
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 Please send them my CONGRATULATIONS!!!  ....but what about the baby shower??  Please post if they need anything or whether they will be registering anywhere.  I would love to help out if I can.

Comment by Charles Gillespie
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Congratulations to all of you!  May you all be blessed with peace, health and happiness!

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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CONGRADULATIONS!!!  You two deserve the best in life - glad to see things going well.

You know, Edward is a fine name...  ; ) 

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