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Thousands Will Die & Millions Will Suffer

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Tonight Dave Hodges and the news director of The Common Sense Show, Annie Deriso, will briefly covered the news not typically covered in the mainstream media.
In the first hour, Dave will interview James Smith.  There exists a potential that thousands of people will die and millions more without power, and the US Government doesn’t care. There are news agencies that know about this and won’t tell you

Dave’s guest in the second hour of The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges is Madison Rupert who is an independent researcher and journalist and the owner-operator and editor of Rupert will be revealing some startling information on Obama’s secretive death panels in which anyone and anywhere could become a victim. This is America’s modern day version of Murder Inc.   Rupert will also be revealing how the Federal Reserve is enabling Bank of America to rob America blind as the Fed is positioning the American taxpayer to cover $75 trillion dollars of derivative debt which could obliterate the nation’s economy.  

The Common Sense show airs, from 9-11pm Central, on several radio stations (e.g., Dallas’ 1140AM) and on the internet at  



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