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Scottsdale, Arizona Roadblock - All Commercial Vehicles Forced to Exit and Searched

Written by Subject: Surveillance
ClearChannel's KFYI Talk Radio on Scottsdale Police Department's Roadblacks ('Roadblacks' was a typo until I realized that they always wear their BLACK Uniforms when they take on the role of the SS)

Jim Sharpe morning show host for KFYI gets right to the issue at the top of the hour.,Scottsdale,+AZ&gl=us&ei=Nn2oTvPAJMXe0QHZhan5DQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CDcQ8gEwAA

On her way to work this morning my daughter noticed many law enforcement, dressed in black prepping an off ramp as a checkpoint. The signs being erected noticed all commercial vehicles that they must exit for inspection. Those that didn't exit were chased by motorcycle police and forced to exit at the next off ramp.
When my daughter left work early near 10am she passed the same stretch of road and saw that even local delivery trucks had been pulled over and some had their hoods up and the engine compartment was being searched.
I have been getting other similar reports recently and the most common reason has been that the local law-enforcement has been citing anyone that uses their private vehicle for any commercial venture (a Real Estate agent that doesn't register her car as commercial but has a magnetic sign on the door, a handyman's Pick-up with trash and/or tools in the back etc.... $700+ for The Man.)

The November elections of several cities here in the Valley of the Sun have placed many financial issues the cities face in the background with no candidates making them an issue and the media not asking the questions. But sooner or later the force of the reality of the financial situations in local government are going to boil over into the public conscience... we're just getting a head start :)

I finally got hold of a City Council Public Relations gentleman (Kelly Corsette - Communications and Public Affairs Director at City of Scottsdale) that contacted Sgt. Clark


Thanks, Ernest. Just talked to Sgt. Mark Clark at Scottsdale PD & he will be getting back to you.

- Kelly Corsette

Thank you for your interest in the Scottsdale Police department’s traffic safety efforts. Our traffic enforcement officers were conducting a commercial vehicle inspection detail in that area this morning. The efforts were to assure compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Sgt. Mark Clark


Yep... It's a money thing!

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Comment by David Jackson
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 That's Arizona, folks!

 At least they didn't shot first. It would be a bit of an inconvenience, but I'd pay to see EVERYONE go around Arizona. What a blight on the concept of freedom and the rights of those woho live in the greatest democratic republic in the history of the world. Who the hell need Arizona for anything. I'd say give it back to the Indians and the Spanish we stole it from, but I don't have any anymosity towards either of those cultures.

  Since I don't see anyone laughing, except the gestapo and the government, I am assuming that this isn't a joke.

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