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The Internet Blacklist Legislation

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Electronic Frontier Foundation
Dear Ernest,

The Internet Blacklist Legislation is back and it’s worse than ever. Introduced today, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) seeks to authorize both the executive branch and private parties to conduct slash-and-burn campaigns against websites that allegedly host – or even link to  – content that infringes on intellectual property rights. This would  “disappear” whole domain names, fundamentally undermining Internet security, and/or choke off their financial support. The Internet Blacklist Legislation puts more sites than ever at risk, effectively upending the DMCA safe harbors that, while imperfect, have been crucial to the growth of Internet innovation and creativity.  

Email your members of Congress now and tell them to reject the Internet Blacklist Legislation.

Sadly, these short-sighted and dangerous bills won’t do much to stop online infringement – but they will jeopardize our ability to speak and read online with the kind of freedom we cherish in the offline world. Deep-pocketed Hollywood lobbyists are aggressively pushing to control and censor the open Internet, willing to sacrifice free speech and our Internet culture in hopes of controlling how people view their movies and products.
We can stop them, but we’ll need to throw everything we’ve got at this fight. That’s why EFF is joining forces with organizations from across the country, Internet businesses, academics, inventors, and anti-censorship activists in fighting this dangerous legislation. Please act now to tell your Senators and Representatives to reject the Internet blacklist campaign:

Sign now.

Defending your online freedoms,

Rainey Reitman
EFF Activism Team

PS. If you’re one of the 25,000+ people who has taken action against PROTECT IP, please sign this as well. The previous action responded to a Senate-based bill, and this one includes the House – which means new recipients! Please sign now:

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