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One of my In-Laws asked my wife about Silver :)

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"Hey I wanted to ask you about silver. Where do you buy it and are you happy with your purchases? I think it might be the right time for me to buy some"
A local coin shop is much less likely to leave a "trail" but I've had good luck getting what I want at a good price using the Internet.
If you watch this 12min. video right now it’ll answer a lot of your questions and will help make the rest of this post much more understandable. (Start here) (These are the best deals for several reasons)

Pre1965 (1964 and earlier) Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars were 90% silver (then Kennedy was shot and LBJ did his thing)

The 10% of other metals were to harden the coins to use for circulation. But the silver content of these US Minted Coins is well known so they are traded for their silver content (some have greater value if they are perfect, but that is likely an investment for experts).

These 90% Silver coins are known as “Junk Silver”.

When you buy a ‘Silver Round’ (1 oz. bullion) you will pay from $2-$5 per ounce in a premium to the dealer ( more often than not has the best prices and they deliver). Buuuut, when you get the uncirculated US Coins (Junk Silver) you often pay less than $1 per ounce premium on the Silver Content. Each coin is known for its weight in Silver that it contains. Here is a very good site to help you check on current value for each coin.

Silver Coin Melt Value Calculation
Submitted on October 29, 2011.


Values Entered:




Coin Type:

1932-1964 Washington Quarter


Silver Price:  

$35.33 / troy ounce




Total silver value is $6.39.


» There are 0.1808 troy ounces of silver in 1 silver Washington quarter(s).

» Each Washington quarter contains 0.1808 troy ounces of silver and is valued at $6.39 when silver is at $35.33 / ounce.

» A roll of Washington quarters has 40 coins and is valued at $255.57 when silver is at $35.33 / ounce.

I have rolls of Silver Dimes and Quarters. And this is what I do with them.

I use the older ‘Mercury Dimes’ (that have the same value as the Roosevelt 1964 Silver Dimes) because they are easier to tell that they are silver without having to put on your reading glasses to make out the date. The back of the card has information about the card and sites to go to and a QR Code that take you to other information. has a lot of how we use this information to teach and have fun.
This is an Android App that allows you to instantly trade in these Silver Coins as an alternative to Federal Reserve Notes (We use it all of the time) I make hundreds of the “Dime Cards” (we’ll send you some) and use them as popular barter for kinds of stuff… plus it is an educational tool. But make sure that the kids understand that these are not meant for the Ice Cream man… and should be stored away from ‘The Man’ as well :) This app is also in iPhone and Blackberry and Palm as “Silver Calculator”.

And here is some of the fun we get to have. This segment of my radio show informed the audience what we had planned. In less than 2 weeks we already had the Phone App and artwork and videos and and and…. And then the idea went viral :)


After you have gone through all of this. Give me a call and I’ll answer any questions I can that you might have.



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