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Humanity's Unhuman Future

Written by Subject: Day of Reckoning
Join us Sunday, November 6, 9-11pm Central time

The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges

On Sunday night’s show, Dave Hodges welcomes Aaron Klein in the first 20 minutes of the show to discuss his new book, The Red Army, in which he alleges that the Obama administration is filled with communist activists and sympathizers who are trying to “fundamentally transform America” as Obama had promised in the 2008 Campaign.

In the news segment of the show, listeners will learn how The Common Sense Show was infiltrated in an attempt by the establishment to discredit their investigative journalism with regard to the main topic of tonight’s show, transhumanism.

Thirty minutes into the show, Dave and his guest, Barb Peterson ( will examine a more nefarious form of fundamental transformation most commonly referred to as transhumanism.  Dave Hodges and Barb Peterson will discuss how the global elite are using nanotechnology in order to dangerously transform our food, morph human DNA and this is all beyond federal regulation and oversight. Listeners will learn that corporations, such as Monsanto, have been given complete and unbridled access to control the content of our food and vaccines. The directional trend curve of the globalist corporations, such as Monsanto, is way beyond anything Orwell ever dreamed of.  These transhumanism allegations are quite unbelievable until the undisputed facts and the science behind this insanity are presented.

Transhumanism is the end game for the globalists. The facts behind this agenda are stunning and the implications are frightening as this could prove to be humanity’s greatest threat, ever!

WARNING: This show does not favor the timid, the faint of heart and the American “sheeple” who just want to be left alone.

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