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MCDONALD'S: It's Not Just the Food That Is Dangerous

Written by Subject: Activism
Do you think that former Penn State coach Sandusky is the only threat to the safety of children? Not true! 
As if McDonalds fast food is not bad enough for your health and longevity, wait until you hear what Dave Hodges has uncovered and will unveil in tonight's show.
Tonight on the Common Sense Show, Dave Hodges interviews  Dr. Erin Carr Jordan, an Arizona State University professor of psychology, regarding her laboratory findings regarding the biological safety of playgrounds at select McDonald's restaurants.

Dave and Annie Deriso will also be discussing the impending Third World War and will lay out the dynamics of how the war will begin, who's behind it and who will ultimately profit.

In the second hour, Dave will be joined by Sherrie Wilcox and among other things they will be discussing mortgage fraud and the recent Massachusetts Supreme Court decision which casts serious doubt on the banks ability to successfully repossess a home. For all homeowners, this is a can't miss interview.



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