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survival 4


If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”Thomas Jefferson

Survival #4

Friends I am finally convinced that the only thing to do is to take care of yourselves. I was at a meeting last night of so called preppers, there were 31 people there of all different ages, mostly young people with children. The whole meeting seemd to end with everything was getting so miuch better and all of the hysteria was simply a sales pitch by the natural, organic and survival foods people. I mentioned that perhaps it would be wise to have some supplies laid in just in case? Aw now here we go again was the first words out of the Pastors mouth.. more hysteria.. and lets pray. I am totally disgusted and when the Pastors son said since I was such a prepper and believed in the theories of the NWO etc that I probably had plenty of supplies so the group would have a back up place to go just in case. I let them know quite bluntly that none of them would be sharing in anything I had put away and glad that I had not put down my correct address on the sign in book, and only put down my first name. I just walked out at that time. One lady came out and said she would like to talk to me about all of this if she could and could she come over to visit and have a cup of coffee and talk??? I said sure and gave her the fire depts address. Real easy to find....I did feel a little guilty for a while then thought about all of the two faced people this century has spawned...

Dealing with everyday living is not all rosy and up beat. There are many things that are not really pleasant and can be intimidating if you have the wrong mind set. For instance that cute little squirrel sitting on the limb chittering at you may have to be your family's next meal..How do you get past that image of him or her live and happy>? One thing is to realize you are hungry and so are your family members, That little animal was put here on earth to nurture people if necessary and is a source of protein. I don't know of anyone that enjoys killing anything, I don't but I will and have many times without guilt. I treat my food animals with kindness and try to give them the best life they can have while in my care but there comes a time when it is time to end that life. A simple shot is the easiest and quickest, we never slaughtered a animal in sight of others, we always had a pen away from the sight of any other animal.

Once shot and down the best way is to slit the throat and let the animal bleed out quickly, don't wait for a couple of hours before doing this or you will have bloody meat.... this goes for chickens, small animals of all kinds as well as the larger ones.

There are many ways of skinning animals I am not going into that here but one thing to remember in all the animals.. Be careful not to puncture the guts while cleaning. this will ruin the taste of the meat as far as I am concerned.. and it is really messy...

Once the animal is clean and cut up put on ice or cool in cold water with salt for a hour or so to draw out the wild taste. Never cook a warm animal. I always put the carcass in a bucket of salty water and leave in the cooler over night or on the porch if the weather is cold. That was one of the reasons the old people always waitied for the first frost to slaughter their winter meat.. Hog Killing time was a time of cold mornings and happy voices.. the women neighbors came in early I mean before day light to start cooking breakfast, the men were already out side starting the fires and filling the tubs with water and potash to scald the pigs in... Once you heard the shots you knew Breakfast was soon to be served usually on the porch or outside in the barn if really cold... Big bonfires kept the air warm and conversation happy. Once breakfast was over and the dishes were done and put away the work was ready to begin. women with scrub buckets with clorox in the water washed down work tables getting ready to start cutting and wrapping the meat. The men would have already hung the pig and bled him out now all gutted and scalded and scraped clean he was the womens work.. Cutting and curing and deviding up the meat into portions to either smoke, make sausage out of or cure in other ways.. most of it was hung in the smoke house after curing in a brine for a few days . Below is a good recipe for the hams we used to prize so much.

CURED HAMS After the hams are cooled and cleaned pack them in a cask or tub very closely dusting the trimmed surfaces lightly with salt. After 2 or 3 days cover with brine, allowing for each 100 pounds of ham. The following mixture, best coarse salt, 8 pounds, saltpeter 6 ounces, brown sugar, 8 lbs, potash, 1 ounce, water 4 gallons . Let ham remain in the brine for 6 weeks, take out and drain, dust every part of the flesh or trimmed side with very fine powdered black or white pepper and hang up to dry. After they are dry for several days expose them to hickory smoke. The hams will be ideally soft, deliciously seasoned and proofed against insects and will keep until wanted.

One method of keeping meat fresh for a good long time was to pack it into crocks and pour hot lard over it until it was totally covered. This would keep the meat fresh for months or sometimes longer depending on the weather. The hams and bacon was always left in the smoke house which would last for years.. We never ate fresh ham for Christmas it was always at least a year old.

Chickens were the mainstay of our diet really especially in the summer time with no refrigeration the meat was a lot fresher to keep on the hoof till needed ... so to speak. My Grandmother could grab a hen, wring its neck, have it bled out and the feathers off ready for the pot in just a few minutes... the longest part was letting it soak in the salt water before cooking...

If you have a basic understanding of how things work which will be hard for a lot of people who have never had to live without any convience but even they will get used to it or die. This is where the strong will survive and survive well and the weak will linger and perish. There is nothing you can do about this it is up to each person which catagory they plan on being in. Your job is to keep your own mind on the right path and not be deterred by those that laugh and scoff at your work. Keep on collecting everything you know will be helpful and read read read all the books you can get your hands on about how the pioneers lived day to day. Learn the way to grind grain and what to do with it once it is ground.

Keep a journal, you will not remember everything you read or see or hear, keep it in chapters that you can find at a glance. Talk to old people listen to their stories and ask questions about every day things like how did you sharpen your knives etc... There is so much to learn that we have let slip by with all the modern advances.. Our old people used to be respected and glorified not like now when at a certain time you get sent to the old folks home.. just too much bother to watch a old fart stumble around.... Well we will all be those old farts one day even you. I am almost there already. Families are not together any longer, they are all torn apart in different parts of the country and not able to be a unit as they used to be. Hopefully it will all start to regenerate itself as more and more people lose their jobs and homes and find themselves with nothing but a hunger and worry about their family. You can beat this by starting now to put together things you will need. Get the food, figure out what you use every day and what you can substitute that is something you can always find.. How to make things you never dreamed of making before etc.

A scary thought to leave you with: What would you do if you lost your job or paycheck today? Have you got a savings account and can you continue to pay your mortgage or rent? I harp on this more than people want to hear but always have a alternate place to live. Travel trailers are cheap, some are pretty beat up and can be fixed for nearly nothing but will shelter you and your family if necessary. Find one. Keep a eye on Craigs list and search out the bargains. Never get caught on the street. That would mean death either by being put in a Fema camp or from the elements and gangs. Just get prepared for anything. Living in my car is not a option for me.

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