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Feature Article  •  Global Edition
Science, Medicine and Technology
Entropy and Spontaneous Generation
Paul Rosenberg
   When I wrote two weeks ago about spontaneous generation still being enthroned in science as the primordial soup (and it is), I wanted to avoid a long discussion on entropy. But since that's the only option left open to die-hards, it became an iss

Comments in Response

Comment by: PureTrust
   Entered on: 2017-06-16 17:53:02

Here's how close to zero the odds for spontaneous generation are: The universe is big. On some other planet, life emerged and advanced a billion times faster than on earth. They reached levels of intelligence beyond anything mankind can even dream of. Finally one of their number evolved to the point of being able to completely control the space-time continuum with his mind. He hated how long evolution took on most planets, so he got rid of evolution entirely, and recreated the whole thing so that people can advance into Heaven in just a few years. It was only about 6,000 years ago that he started all this. He has lots of friends with him in Heaven already.
Comment by: Charlie Patton
   Entered on: 2017-06-14 12:06:20

"One is the very faith-like, "But even astronomical odds are not zero!" It's not faith, it's mathematics. It's called conditional probability. Yes, the odds are near zero, but only planets on which those odds WERE successfully beaten will ever have beings on them arguing about how impossibly slim those odds were.
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