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Comment by Trouser Chili
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According to

"Ron Paul is a hot media property right now," says another source close to the campaign. "The campaign is fielding up to 50 media requests a day for Ron Paul – from local, regional and national media, including both liberal and conservative talk show hosts and program producers who would love to him on to speak on the Iraq war and other issues around which he's defined his campaign."

So if all of these requests are coming in, who is really controlling things?

Comment by Jefferson Paine
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Two "official channel" approaches come to mind for those who might want to play both sides of the fence in this battle.

First is an official complaint to the FCC to the effect that Channel 12 is not operating in the public interest (since it distorts the complexion of American events for its own political purposes), and therefore should have its broadcast license taken away.

Second is an official complaint to the FEC to the effect that all the Gannett media, by excluding news of certain candidates for political reasons, are effectively providing "in-kind" contributions to the campaigns of their favored candidates -- in amounts that not only have not been reported, but already greatly exceed in value the federally imposed limits.

In both cases, competing local media might be willing to carry news of such challenges in order to improve their own market position.

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