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Comment by PureTrust
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The steps for restarting the job machine are as follows:

1. Get rid of all personal taxes - taxes on individuals. This will give people the incentive to work, because the rewards will be greater.

2. Make the only Federal taxing area to be the import/export taxing area. The Federal Government will need to get its money from somewhere, just to exist. Natural supply and demand will make the FG regulate its E/I taxing at a rate that will allow reasonable E/I without taking away from jobs in the US.

3. Allow no foreign ownership in the US without US citizenship, especially of businesses. And allow the individual states to add their own citizenship requirements.

These 3 things alone would bring the jobs back to America. There are others that would help, like taking away the Governmental control from some of the special interest groups, especial the military/industrial complex.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Across the board tax cuts would go a long way towards job creation -- but Keynesians want targeted tax cuts so "good" jobs are being created. Cutting regulations and licensing burdens would be of huge benefit, but more so at local levels.  Government spending never creates "jobs" that last beyond the government spending.  Then the lobbyists are back at the trough to keep these "jobs" going.  This tax drain sucks the life out of real job creation.  But it isn't about creating jobs, it is about continuing to loot the apparent complacent earner by the nonworking ruling class.

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