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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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This just in from Dan Gonzales:

Fellow Delegates:

  I have been in contact with Gary Franchi about President
  Badnarik's condition and here is what I know so far. I have also
  called his parents in Illinois and am awaiting their reply.

  Gary spoke with Mrs. Badnarik and here is the report so far;
  Michael suffered what they believe to be a heart attack after he
  left the courtroom in Wisconsin. They immediately attempted CPR
  until the Paramedics arrived. The Paramedics used a
  Defibrillator three times and Michael did not respond. However,
  on the fourth attempt they were able to get a very weak and
  unstable heart beat. They rushed President Badnarik to the
  hospital and then from there flew him to another more advanced
  facility. He is unconscious at this time and they placed a
  pacemaker on him to help stabilize his heart.

  This is all I know for now. I have a call into his parents but I
  imagine they are at the hospital in Wisconsin or on their way to
  see him. I ask you all to pray for him and I will post any
  information I receive from his parents immediately to this site.
  Please call your friends and ask them to pray and let's stay
  optimistic that our fellow Patriot, President Micheal Badnarik
  will recover.

  God bless you all,
  Dan Gonzales
  Vice President Continental Congress 

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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As of 1:15 p.m. Arizona time:


  Just got off the phone with Elaine Badnarik, Michael's mother.
  He has still not regained consciousness and is in pretty bad
  shape. this is his third heart attack and they have a pacemaker
  and balloon in his heart to keep him alive. The Doctors say he
  has a very bad heart rhythm and they hope he remains
  unconscious. This is very serious and I will be on my knees
  praying for Michael and I know you will be also. Elaine will
  call me directly with any updates so that I can post them here
  and keep you all updated.

  I am at a loss for words but this I do know...God is in charge
  and His will be done.

  God Bless,

  Dan Gonzales
  Vice President Continental Congress 

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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UPDATE from David Kramer: Michael is reportedly conscious, and has had a pacemaker installed. His family requests no visitors or calls for now.

Thanks to Lew Rockwell dot com:

I got there from - thank you much - Independent Political Report:

...from a Yahoo! search: -t-701&sao=1

Thank You to all sources and Merriest of Christmases!

Ed Vallejo, Editor 

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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UPDATE: as of 10:30 a.m. Phoenix time, 12/23/2009

Fellow Delegates:

  I just got off the phone with Elaine Badnarik, Michael's mother
  and this is the update.

  The doctors reduced his medication and Michael responded
  yesterday to questions by nodding his head up and down or side
  to side. So, they put increased his medication so that he would
  go back into unconsciousness. They don't want him to move at all
  and he has attempted several times to remove his tubes and such.
  He is still in very serious condition and must be kept
  completely immobilized. Michael's girlfriend is on her way to
  the hospital and will report directly to Elaine who will in turn
  call me right away to report his present condition so that you
  all will have the news straight from the source.

  God Bless,
  Dan Gonzales
  Vice President Continental Congress 

Comment by Jim Kaiser
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Thank you, Ed, for the updates

There are a lot of us following this closely.


Comment by Ed Vallejo
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I spoke with Dan Gonzales this afternoon, and I have additional information regarding Michael's history.

This is his THIRD heart attack.

His family has a history of heart problems on BOTH sides, and have had family members die at an early age from it.  I think this nixes the 'CIA - Hit Squad' scenario completely,  Nothing nefarious that we can tell here - it was truly a heart attack caused by his state of health.

His Mother's heart is bad enough she can't be at the hospital with him.  His girlfriend was due there sometime today, and he has a brother scheduled to arrive this evening.  Someone will be bringing up his Father as soon as is possible.

That's all I have at this time other than my heartfelt prayers for his full recovery.


Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Latest update as of 11:00 a.m. (Phoenix time) 12/24/2009 -

Fellow Patriots:

  Good morning and here is the latest update on our beloved
  President. I now have direct contact with Lynn, Micheal's
  girlfriend who is with him now and will be there until January
  2nd or 3rd.

  We spoke at length this morning and Michael is still heavily
  sedated as he has continued to try and remove all of his tubes
  and multiple I.V. lines. The doctors want him to just rest for
  awhile until they feel his heart has recovered to the point they
  can take the next step. He still has a temporary pace maker to
  keep his heart stable and he is now in serious condition and not

  Lynne asked Michael some questions yesterday and he responded by
  squeezing her hand firmly. Lynne was very pleased that he was
  able to do this even though he cannot open his eyes yet. The
  weather is very severe there and is hindering Micheal's father
  and brother from getting to the hospital. Lynne was explaining
  that she has packed clothes and such anticipating on staying at
  the hospital overnight as she is not sure she can get back to
  her hotel room due to severe weather conditions.

  Overall, the doctors said there is improvement with Michael and
  he just needs to remain completely immobile to allow his heart
  to stabilize. They cannot do any further testing yet and will
  not know how much damage his heart sustained during the heart

  Per Robert Shulz's request, I am sending Lynne a digital file of
  the Articles of Freedom so she can print them out and place them
  near Michael. She will get it done as soon as she receives them
  from me. We have all accomplished a great feat in producing the
  Articles of Freedom for all the world to see. Words cannot
  express the deep gratitude in my heart for the gift of being
  associated with you all.

  I think it would be very appropriate for us all to send Michael
  a card at the hospital to let him know how much we are thinking
  of him at this time. I am sure it would also uplift the spirits
  of his family and Lynne during this Christmas holiday. This is
  his information to send those cards.

  Micheal Badnarik CCU room 6205 Gunderson Lutheran 1910 South
  Avenue Lacrosse, WI 54601

  God bless you all and may you have a Merry Christmas. May our
  Father in Heaven protect your families from all harm and keep
  them safe.

  Dan Gonzales Vice President, Third Continental Congress 

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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 1:10 Christmas Day:

FL-Dan Gonzales said:

  Fellow Patriots:

  I just spoke with Lynne, Micheal's girlfriend who is at his
  side. She has reported to me that they removed the temporary
  pacemaker and that the Doctors are very pleased with Micheal's
  progress. He is still heavily sedated to keep him calm and
  immobile. So, he is not awake due to the medication but is
  getting better every day. Lynne said he would have a long
  recovery this time as the heart attack was pretty severe. I told
  Lynne that we are all praying for Michael and her and that we
  hope she can have a merry Christmas even though she will spend
  it at the hospital. She is a very sweet lady with a great

  I spoke to Mrs. Badnarik, Micheal's mother and she was sharing
  with me how much the family enjoys life and that Micheal has
  always been a very good son. She said that he loves liberty and
  is so very proud of all we did at the Third Continental
  Congress. President Badnarik certainly had a wonderful family.

  God bless you all and have a very merry Christmas,


And then at just after 4:00 p.m.:

FL-Dan Gonzales commented on a message:

  AWESOME NEWS....Michael Badnarik is awake and spunky. He asked
  Lynne what happened to him and how long has he been out? Lynne
  said it was Christmas and he asked what year.
  He is very weak of course but he is improving very rapidly!

  Thank you Lord for bringing Michael back to us.


As I get it I'll relay it.  Thank you for your prayers. 


Comment by Ed Vallejo
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This in as of noon yesterday (Friday 12/26) From Congressman John Bush of Texas:

TX-John Bush commented on a message:

  Just got some great news from a patriot on my facebook. Sounds
  like he's getting better every day!

  Michelle Rosen commented on your status:

  "I talked to Michael Badnarik's mom at noon. Michael is
  conscious again. His brothers are planning to take him home from
  the hospital in La Crosse on Wednesday. (depending on recovery).
  The throat tubes really hurt is throat, so he is only able to
  whisper right now. His doctors are going to sedate him over the
  next few days so he can rest and recover.

  DO NOT CALL the hospital. They are so busy trying to help many
  CCU patients right now. All the calls and attempted visits are
  stressing the nurses and patients. Send cards to: Gunderson
  Lutheran Hospital, CCUMichael Badnarik, 1900 South Avenue, La
  Crosse, WI 54601

  Let me add though, that all the calls and attempted
  visits--along with videos and articles about this incident
  throughout our Freedom fighting community--shows just how much
  Michael is loved and respected.;

  John Bush



Comment by Ed Vallejo
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As of 1 hour ago - 6 p.m. approximately Phoenix time:

AR-David Helms commented on a message:

  This just in from Gary Franchi:

  Michael Badnarik's Health


  I just got off the phone with Michael Badnarik's Mother, Elaine.
  She informed me that his condition seems to have "backslid".
  They were were hoping that he would have been released on
  Wednesday to his Mother's care in Indiana but his condition is
  still critical.

  Michael came out of his unconscious state, unbound his wrists
  some how, and removed the breathing tube from his throat. His
  mother remarked that when Michael came to he asked to be
  released. He doesn't understand how serious his situation is.

  The hospital had to sedate him again to put the breathing tube
  back in because he is having trouble breathing.

  They cannot find the reason for his breathing problem... so he
  is currently sedated to ease the pressure on his lungs and

  His heart is still in atrial fibrillation and had to be hit with
  the AED defibrillator to reset its rhythm.

  He will be sedated until his condition can be stabilized...

  He is still at Gunderson Lutheran Hospital CCU in Lacrosse, WI.
  Please do not call or visit the hospital, only family is

  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

  In Freedom,

  Gary Franchi
  National Director

  Restore the Republic

  PS. People are posting updates of Michael's condition on my
  public Facebook page at feel
  free to check there for current info. 

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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 As of 11:00 a.m. Tuesday morning:

FL-Dan Gonzales commented on a message:

  Fellow Patriots:

  I just spoke with Lynne and she has reported that President
  Badnarik has once again been intubated. As you know from
  previous emails, President Badnarik removed his breathing tube
  and then began to struggle with breathing. His heart rate and
  blood pressure were gaining and the doctores decided to sedate
  him once again and get him back to a comfortable situation.

  Lynne wanted me to pass on that they are recieving emails and
  cards from everyone and she is saving them for when President
  Badnarik is able to read them. She is very pleased at all the
  support and knows there are many people praying for Michael.

  They have no idea how much longer he will be in the hospital and
  there is no way of predicting his stay or length of time for
  healing. Please, let's all continue to pray for President
  Badnarik and his entire family.

  God bless you my friends, Dan Gonzales Vice President, Third
  Continental Congress

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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This just in from Texas:

TX - Barbara Harless commented on a message:

  I just received this email from Lynne (Michael's significant

  Hi All,

  Michael is doing better. The doctors did the cardiovert today
  and his heart has good rhythm. The breathing tube was removed,
  but had to be reinserted. He told me that he felt like he was
  smothering. He was getting plenty of oxygen but his vocal cords
  and throat are swollen and it is very difficult for him to
  breath. He became very agitated so, to make him more
  he was sedated and the tube inserted. His heart is in relatively
  good condition, considering the severity of his heart attack. It
  will be a few more days before they try to remove the tube

  His best friend, Alan Teeple, got here yesterday. His parents
  and brother are coming tomorrow and staying a couple of days.
  His brother has to go to work, so they will go back to Hammond
  and then return to, hopefully, take him home. I have to go home
  by the 4th, but Alan will stay.

  He is receiving the cards and e-mails but, as before, please
  don't call the hospital, as they will not give out any
  information. I'm doing my best to try to keep everyone informed.
  Your cards and e-mails, thoughts and prayers are greatly
  appreciated. Thank you.


Comment by Ed Vallejo
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This just in:

FL-Dan Gonzales commented on a message:

  Fellow Delegates:

  I received a text message last night from Lynne, President
  Badnarik's girlfriend. She said Michael's heart is only beating
  at 30% of normal and that he needs plenty of rest in order to
  have any hope of recovery. Lynne sent this text message out at
  11:34pm last night.

  She also said that the hospital is one of the best for this type
  of situation. It's also very cold there and that the high
  Saturday would be 0 and the low -13!

  I know all of you are praying for President Badnarik and will
  continue to do so. His parents were there to visit him last
  night and maybe that will help him recover also.

  Have a very good day and if it's God's will, may this year be
  the turning point back to our Republican government.

  Dan Gonzales
  Vice President
  Third Continental Congress 

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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I started to worry from not hearing anything until about two hours ago - this from Michael's girlfriend Lynne:

  The doctor was very pleased with the surgery and expects a full recovery. When we left tonight he was still sedated. Hopefully, tomorrow he will be awake for   awhile. I am going back home on Wednesday. His friend, Alan, plans to stay until Michael is released and then drive him to Hammond to stay with his parents. It has been a long two weeks.


  PS It was a minus 16 degrees Saturday night and got all the way
  up to 4 on Sunday. The wind chill was a minus 25. It looks like
  I will be arriving home just in time for the cold weather there. 

Comment by Chris Menke
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Michael Badnarik Update - from Michael Badnarik!!!!


Around 2:45pm EST on Sunday 1/10/2010




First, I want to thank everyone for their concern and wishes for a speedy recovery. My physical correspondence is literally measured in POUNDS, and I haven't a chance to open more than a few. If all goes well, I may be released from the hospital at the end of the week, and then I to stay with my parents for awhile as I continue my recovery.


The worst condition that I still face is being without my laptop and Blackberry for the better part of a month. If I don't have them in my hot little hands by tomorrow, there is a small "mafia accident" being negotiated even as you read this. If you want to stay current, just monitor my website and my Facebook account.


I am kicking butt in the physical recovery area. I asked Alan (my best friend) to smuggle 15-20 used tires into the hospital for me. If you're familiar with Alan's delicate style, you'll know he asked "What the heck do you need those for? I told him I wanted to add some football ag...ility training to my physical therapy so I can get out of the hospital as quickly as I can.


Thanks again for everyone's tremendous show of support. Rest assured, I'm not ready to chat with Saint Peter until AFTER we've restored Liberty to America, and given it a good boost everywhere else around the world. Therefore, I remain Your dedicated servant in Liberty,




Comment by Jim Kaiser
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Michael has been posting on his facebook page for the last few days.

Here's what he posted today.... 

I'M OUT! I'm vertical - but I tire easily. Went back to the hospital to throw a "thank you for saving my life" pizza party and autograph copies of my book. At 5:30am tomorrow I begin the drive to my parent's place in Indiana.
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