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Comment by TheRockster
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Rats and roaches are exterminated.

Humans are not exterminated; they are murdered.

Comment by Daniel Noel
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1. Why is there such an obsession with gun rights in the United States? It is well known that the lack of gun control is a large contributor to the abnormally high rate of firearms death in the USA compared to other industrialized countries. It is also a major factor in the destabilization of 3rd world nations, as U.S. weapons "somehow" migrate--officially because of dishonest dealers--towards drug traffickers and organized criminals such as Colombia's FARC. Lax gun control also gives legitimacy to the "shoot first and think later" policies of U.S. law enforcement and the official whitewashes that routinely follow police shootings; by contrast, in Japan, it is almost unthinkable for police to shoot at a suspect.


2. On the same token, nobody believes that individuals with guns can resist modern tyranny. Just ask Southern segregationists in the 1950's or Iraqi or Afghan patriots today; they'll confirm that the U.S. military will occupy and hold any territory it wants to for as long as it wants to, and that it will know very well how to respond to whatever arms the locals use in opposing the occupation.


3. Gun control and IDs are red herrings. Countries with them—like France—are not necessarily dictatorial; they just have different ways of administering their governments. These issues are problematic only if and when governments abuse them into coercing people instead of serving them.


4. As Hodges correctly states, 9/11 gave U.S. authorities a convenient pretext to restrict civil rights, both legally and covertly. But instead of bickering about guns, why not develop, for instance, on the very real threat of neocon judges packed into the U.S. judiciary by GWB with the assent of a frightened Senate?


Comment by Lucky Red
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 Wow, a ray of sunshine in Right-Wing Land!  Who's gonna die? 

Now, although this is under the conspiracy category, there's no conspiracy in what is described but rahter a very scary reality.  Those of us who've had the misfortune of having lived under totalitarian regimes know that all too well.  We also see the signs that others can't see and this, my friends, is how it all gets started. 

Here's an excellent article on that very subject and, although it was written in 2007 under King George's reign of terror, it very much applies today since the dog is different but the fleas are the same:

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps


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