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Let’s Not Be A Bunch Of Wasteful And Annoying Libertarians ...

Let’s be like thinking, not emotionally grounded libertarians, in attacking worse than a sickening broken record, the country’s census-taking as unconstitutional. If you are a politician wanting to grab public attention, delivering speeches to instigate people to ignore this year’s census is downright ridiculously associated with malignant intention.

And you cannot write a long-winded protest and at the end of it literally ask for donation, without being held a suspect in a fraudulent enterprise that takes advantange of free speech for monetary gain.

Demographic data gathering in census-taking aside from head-counting, is part of the constitutional mandate for the redistricting of federal funds under the Fourteenth Amendment. Starting in mid-1990s, "more than $50 billion" federal aid" went to "education, housing, and health programs to [of] states and cities …" This could only be done based on the needed people information tabulated as census data.

Protesting census zombies have no idea at all of the economic import in gathering demographic information. It is use in a summary form [to protect privacy] in academic research. It also makes the market function efficiently if product manufacturers and marketers know the demographics of potential consumers.

In Department of Commerce v. House of Representatives [Landmark Census Case], the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Secretary of Commerce’s use of statistical sampling in assembling the "myriad demographic data that are collected in connection with the decennial census."

To insinuate that demographic information asked in a census form is illegal or in violation of the Constitution reveals an underhanded intention if not a display of ignorance.

Let us not appear like libertarians in a high horse that show our passion for liberty and vigilance for freedom like Don Quixote jousting the windmill. It is so bad to a point that even in good faith Ernest Hancock becomes a terrorist suspect ...! We deserve more respect than this. We shouldn’t be regarded as wasteful and literally sick libertarians wasting in the vine. I don’t like it, and it embarrasses me to no end. We are more useful to society than in the mind of the general public just a can of worms.

Comment by Sirod Knir
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Other than how many people in the household should be totally voluntary.  Some people love giving personal information.

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