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Comment by Powell Gammill
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"Go fuck yourself, Nazi!" usually works for me.

Comment by Justin Tyme
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You know, it's funny that you use that word.  I've been seeing it in so many places from all political perspectives being directed at so many different classes of peoples that I just had to go to Wikipedia to see what the "common" meaning of the word is to understand what these varied people meant.

It truly amazed me.  Because, as I read it I kept thinking that it perfectly describes our environment here in the US.

While I think your usage is spot on, I think many of the other people who are using the word ought to look it up and then look in the mirror.


Comment by Ken Valentine
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 The last time I encontered that sort of thing, I had something a little different to say.

  I told the cop, "My father was blinded on Iwo Jima. And shortly before he died, he said, "All the things we fought against in World War II, our own government is doing to us today.'"

And he was right.

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