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San Diego Union-Tribune

The Transportation Security Administration has opened an investigation targeting John Tyner, the Oceanside man who left Lindbergh Field under duress on Saturday morning after refusing to undertake a full body scan. Tyner recorded the half-hour lon

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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So does this lawsuit by The Transportation Security Administration against John Tyne for refusing the x-ray body scan mean, that we don't dare buy a plane ticket unless we are prepared to submit to a body scan or be sued for $11,000? Pretty soon the only persons that show up to fly, will be those that will submit to scans, erroneously giving the impression the public has accepted being repeatedly radiated/scanned before flying.

Comment by Anonymous
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Airport satire? Since to be X-rayed is found harmful, many domestic air commuters and international airline travelers prefer to avoid radiation and just submit to bodily search. I heard that since this has been publicized nationwide, the rate of jobless across the country applying for job as airport security scanner has increased tremendously. Background check showed that most of them were found to have a record as child molesters or have been charged with obscene fingering if not invasion of privacy and private personal properties. Rude, vulgar and lewd body patting or stroking are legalized in the airport. They just love to fondle. Only a macabre coincidence maybe …


Comment by Ned The Head
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In just another example of government foiling private enterprise, I had my latest business all set up. We were gonna contract to provide security patdowns but for an extra charge you can get naked as well and get a full body rubdown. People had already started signing up for my "ehanced voluntary search" subscription services BUT THE PUSSIES AT TSA WON'T LET ME DO THAT EITHER.

See you do it my way, people LUV getting touched, they clamor for it. I'll put the pleasure right back in flying but no TSA's gotta do it their way. Giving perverts a bad name.

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