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Comment by TheRockster
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What utter garbage and nonsense. The churches have failed because none of their members have been "Born Again." Religious belief, based on gullibility, is worthless and counterproductive. "Ye must be Born Again." The churches have always equated this rebirth with belief in a story or membership in a group, rather than the complete transformation of consciousness taught by Christ. No wonder their record is so full of murder, genocide, hypocrisy and self-delusion.

Comment by PureTrust
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Here is the answer for Christians... if they will only follow it. 

The ONLY place that tells about Christianity is the Bible. The Old Testament does so for Jews, and the New Testament for all Christians.

Find out what the Bible says for you. Get Bible tapes or CDs. Put them into their respective players and turn the players on.

Listen for an absolute minimum of 30 minutes every day. EVERY DAY! Never stop... until you get to Heaven where you can hear it direct from The Great King Himself.

And don't forget to read it now and again, as well.


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