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[I then added a suggestion that he find time at the airport to pick up Seymour Hersh’s investigative article on Iran and nukes in the current issue of the New Yorker magazine.

Would that Fordham’s seal included the word Veritas, alongside Sapientia et Doctrina. For, somehow, the truth does not seem to hold much priority any more. I might have guessed that Keane’s response would be not only unresponsive but disingenuous.

“There is evidence that was available starting in 2006, even before that National Intelligence Estimate was drafted, that Iran is working on a nuclear weapon.”

That did it for me. I lost it. Convinced that this was not only a whopper, but the kind of whopper that could well end up getting thousands more killed, I blurted out, “That’s a lie.”]

Duh, anybody who believes anything Seymour Hersh says needs a toupee with some brains in it. Here's today's news:

[The most significant thing that happened during the surge was that the additional U.S. troops, most of whom were sent into Baghdad and its suburbs, enabled the Shiites to disarm the Sunnis. Once the Sunnis were disarmed, Shiite militias poured into Sunni neighborhoods at night and ethnically cleansed those neighborhoods. We could even observe from satellite imagery that the lights in Sunni districts literally went out.

Mixed neighborhoods in Baghdad ended up with virtually no Sunnis. In short, Baghdad went from a predominantly Sunni city to being overwhelmingly Shiite. Again, we’re talking millions.]

If only it were that easy to defeat Islam, by arming one side or the other and letting them exterminate each other while the lights are out. Too bad, I'm not president yet, but when I am let me at least try it and see if we get lucky :)

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