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Comment by PureTrust
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Relax. Relax. Grand-daddy Greenspan has his eye on things as usual.

You just have to love the cleverness of the treachery here.

Look at the Greenspan first sentence. Break it down:
"The United States can pay any debt it has 
because WE can always print money to do that."

Who is the "WE?" It's the Federal Reserve Bank, not the United States.

The Fed is a United States corporation - a private company authorized to exist by the United States Government. It has been given the authority to handle ALL the money affairs in the United States. It has been given this authority by the United States Government. 

BUT THE FED STILL IS THE ONE WHO PRINTS THE MONEY! And after they print it, they still own it.

So, how does the money get to the United States? Does the Fed just give it to the US Government? NO!!! They loan it to the U.S. Government at full interest. 

And once the U.S. Government pays the money back, where does the U.S. get the funds to pay the interest on the money they just repaid? Does the U.S. Treasury print it? NO!!! They can't, since the authority to handle ALL the money affairs in the United States has been turned over to the Fed. 

So, where DO they get the money to repay the Federal Reserve Bank? Why, of course. They borrow it from the Federal Reserve Bank. And now the U.S has to repay this loan and it's interest, as well. But they don't have any money at all, because they just used every last penny that they borrowed the second time to pay the interest on the first loan!

I know what the U.S. can do. They can borrow some more from the Fed to repay this loan and its interest as well. Never ending cycle getting worse and worse until the Federal Reserve Bank takes up ownership - and Dictatorship -  of the whole world!

Just curious here. Do you think Congress and the President have anything to do with any of this?

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