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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Never Forget! those "Agents" will Kill you if told to,and then go home a hug their children.

If anyone knows any "Agents" please make sure their families know what kind of animal they are.I doub`t if you will see them in Church but! if you do make sure the entire neighborhood is aware of who they are,and what they are capable of doing if told to...even Kill God`s Children if their boss tells them to,and yet the come to Church to who? Who do they pray to?What do they pray for?What voices do they hear?...Be sure to tell them that they can not wear their Mask while in Church.

Comment by David Jackson
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      I don't know, but I'd bet your life on the police chief being a buddy of the mayor - most are. Even if the two of them hate each ther, they areboth responsible for the BS that transpired.

       How many remember playing "cowboys and Indians"? Well, now we have  "cowboys" and citizens...This sort of crap is what wannabes do to practice what wannabes want to do. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this wasn't some form of "training exercise" - just for the hell of it. Fortunately, this gang of government thugs didn't "accidentally" kill anyone...This time!

       I still say, if these misfit punks want to be "operators" s badly, then send them to a war zone, where real operators risk their lives doing what they are so good at. On second thought, real operators wouldn't want most of the wannabes withing 1000 yards of their AO. If the powers want to "militatize" their gestapo units, they ought to find a better way. It's scary enough that most cops can't even efficiently and effectively manipulate a small caliber semi-auto handgun; the idea of these wothless bullies running around with automatic weapons is terrifying. Under pressure, it's very often difficult for properly-trained troopers, who practice constantly, to function in the best interest of their mission, the safety of their fellow orerators, and the good and bad guys within their sphere of influence. Here's the thing:  Cops are civiians with the authority to detain and arrest other civilians, by use of force, if necessary. That's it. They aren't OPERATORS. They are (sometimes) pretending to enforce the penal code. They are mostly prety poorly trained. They are not the "cream of any crop", for the most part. There are some real pros on the cops, but there are more and more real amateurs. The entire criminal justice system is a shambles, with what passes for enforcement leading the downhill trend. If you want to the scare of a lifetime, call a cop and hope he shows up with a firearm in hand, so you can experience real threat to your life - "Dial 911 and Die!" is more fact than fancy.

     Here's a fun fact:  Cops (supposedly) are subject to the same laws as all the rest of us. One wonders when someone is going to let them know, or when they might cme to believe it.


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